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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by sarah_stolz, Dec 29, 1997.

  1. I am considering buying an archival print washer. Does anyone have advice or an opinion as to which brand is best? I prefer it to be used out of a sink. Someone locally recommended Dunwright and Vogel. Anyone used this brand?
  2. I recently bought a D & V washer and seems to work well-that is, I have not tested for archival results. Remember, though, that there is plenty of evidence that water changes over a period of time, and not agitation or the way water enters/exits the washer, is by far the most important parameter in proper washing. I bought mine from Midwest Photo Exchange. These people have the nasty habit of selling for less than their competitors. Also, the quality of the equipment I have bought from them is actually better than that stated in their ads. On top of that, service is very good and the guys are very friendly. How can you deal with people like that? Luis
  3. I have a Dunwright & Vogel washer (D&V!?) when I got mine they were quite a bit cheaper than the competitors an 11X14 was about $300. Mine seems to work very well and is very flexible for washing 11X and smaller prints. Dunwright and Vogel 1-800-359-4231

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