Aperture 3 ( iMac ) RAW file conversion and transfer

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  1. Thank you in advance for your help. What should be the file size to choose to transfer a RAW picture ( export ) from Aperture 3 to the net / e-mail ? What should be the file format as well ( JPEG, TIFF, etc )? The reason why I ask those questions is because what I do is this :
    - Process my RAW picture in Aperture 3
    - File / Export to my folder located in my profile ( finder ). Here, the computer ask me the file format to convert to, and so far, I have been choosing JPEG medium. What file format should be the best in this case ? JPEG or TIFF and what size ? One of the pictures that I processed today, was a bit blurry when I posted in my portfolio at Photo net so I deleted it because in my computer was perfectly sharp. Don't know if the picture degrade its resolution when it is converted to JPEG or TIFF, is that possible ?
    What is the best / recommended file format when converting from RAW so the resolution / sharpness of the master / original picture will not be lost or less affected ? Can you help please ? Am I doing the right process or is there any other that I unaware of ?
  2. I use "JPEG fit within 1024x1024" for e-mail and "JPEG 50% of original size" for a Web page.
    JPEG does reduce the quality of your images as the compression increases. I do not know what JPEG compression setting is used by Aperture. I find, however, that either the 1024 or 50% output looks good to me.
  3. Thanks Allyn but I still got the same problem using your setup but thank you so much for your help.
  4. First a question and a suggestion...
    Why do you process your pics in Aperture then export them to a folder? Keep them in Aperture after you process them, then export them as you need them so you can adjust the export parameters as necessary for each specific use. I say that because there is no "one" setting that is appropriate for each use. And there is no reason to keep duplicate files on your computer of each image (one in Aperture and one in the folder). Use Aperture as your "go to" folder for all of your images. You can store them and edit them and use them without making any destructive edits to the originals.
    With all digital photos, it's necessary to sharpen the image before displaying it. The amount of sharpening depends on the final output size of the image. When a website resizes your pictures, there's no sharpening and the result can be a soft image. If you resize it yourself, you can make it optimal for each specific use. Sharpening should be the last thing you do before saving it and uploading it to the web or email.
    For any use on the internet, JPEG is the choice. It compresses the image to make the file small enough (in kb, not dimensions) to upload and download quick and efficiently. But there too, the amount of jpeg compression is not something you can do once and have the results be good for all applications or all images. The complexity of the image will determine how much compression goes on in the conversion from RAW to jpeg, and thus the final output size of the jpeg.
  5. Thank you so much Peter but I have not find the way to export my picture from Aperture directly to the net, do you know how to do it ? From Aperture, I can email the picture, but if I want to download it to Photo net, then what I do is to export it to a folder and then from that folder to Photo net, but if you know a direct way please help me here. By the way, I will do what you suggested me to do regarding to sharpen my picture before I download it. Hope you can answer me very soon.
  6. Ok, I see what you mean, there is no way to upload to the web directly from Aperture.
    Then I would still adjust and resize to the size you want your images to appear on Photo.net (so Photo.net doesn't resize them), then sharpen in Aperture before exporting to a folder. It's still best to use the JPEG format, but since PN has size limitations, you'll have to check each photo after you export it to see that you don't compress it too much, which can introduce jpeg artifacts. You don't want it to be too large either or it will not be allowed on PN. When I post an image to the "No Words" forum, I sometimes have to export the image several times (each time changing the jpeg compression amount) until I get the highest quality, but still come in under the 100kb PN limit.

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