Aperature & Shutter Speed Table Reference

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by mike_nusinkis, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. I am a beginner to photography and would like to know if anyone has a table or
    a reference on how to set my aperture and shutter speed during different
    lighting conditions.....my light meter is busted.
  2. Try this for a good starting place


    and this for more info


    - Randy
  3. Randy, really excellent references which I bookmarked for future reference.

    Mike, you're lucky the meter broke. Learining to think through exposures will free you from
    using light meters as a crutch. They're a tool.
  4. I second Randall's recommendation of Fred Parker's "The Ultimate Exposure Computer". That is one of the most useful photography articles I have read, and I refresh my memory by re-reading it every time I plan on encountering lighting situations I am unfamiliar with.
  5. Kodak film used to come with an exposure guide. I guess it doesn't any more.
    Here's a useful guide
  6. A good guide to learn and remember is the "Sunny 16 Rule".

    On a normally sunlit day set the aperture at f 16, and the shutter speed at the reciprocal of the film speed.

    In other words, a film with a rating of 125(do test to get your personal film speed)would get an exposure of 1/125 @ f16. Any equivalent exposures may be used.

    Heavy clouds and the shade of buildings or trees usually require 1 1/2 - 2 stops more light.

    Hope this helps get you going. And I agree that being without a meter is a good way to learn exposure. Keep notes.

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