Anyone recognize this lens mount recognize

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  1. 8EDA3ACE-925F-40B1-97C9-0CAE952132A5.jpeg 8124F960-B19D-4BC1-A5CF-EC06BFF0ABA3.jpeg ?Given the lens but I do not know what it mounts on. Does anyone recognize it.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Not familiar with B-mount but Beroflex used to import that stuff too. - Contacts would be very far off for K-mount. Any markings on the rear cap or aperture ring?
  3. I was told it would mount on a Praktica but not on any I have. Also not on any Pentax, Sears, Kiev, Canon, Petri or Zenit I have. The are 3 electrical contacts on it.
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    m42dave Dave E.

    Here is a Praktica BX20. Note the position of the three contacts on the mount and the lens release. Not sure who made the Beroflex lenses.

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  5. Thanx! Now I am an idiot. I have the BX20 but it had a 42mm thread adaptor on it and it looked like an integral part of the camera. I knew I had a auto Praktika and could not figure out why this would not match with any I had
  6. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    I know the feeling... :D

    I also have the M42 adapter (a Japanese-made one, not original Pentacon) and in fact only use M42 lenses on the BX20, since I didn't want to get into another set of lenses.

    PB is similar to Pentax K, but not interchangeable with it.
  7. I am afraid that my eyesight is just not good enough for the o”dear range finder view finders so I am starting to use more automated features and cameras that I have but did not use. Also I am going to let the shopsr9cess my color photos and use a little more. Portrait 800 with longet lens. So now it is the AE1, Praktika and Rebel film camera. Which many would say is a film camera but not a manual camera.
  8. Here is a Praktica B rear lens mount
    However Pentax-K is also similar - (It is said that they were meant to be the same, but somebody flinched)

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