Adobe Photoshop cs6 and Canon EOS R6 Camera

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  1. Today was my first time outdoors to try out my new Canon EOS R6 camera. Every thing went well until I tried to process my photo's
    in Adobe Photoshop cs6. Adobe would not accept my RAW photo's - "Could not complete your request because it is not right kind of document". So, to investigate, I tried processing in FastStone.and had no problems. I am hoping that Adobe is just slow in updating cs6 to accept my CR3 files?
  2. There won't be any updates for ACR in CS6 - there haven't been since 2015. The last version of ACR for CS6 was 9.1.1 - for the Canon R6, you need at least 12.4. If you want to keep using CS6, you will need to download the Adobe DNG converter and convert your CR3 files to DNG before running them through CS6:
    Update to camera support policy in CS6 (
  3. Another approach is to use Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software, that should have come with your camera, to open the RAW files, as well as perform some editing. DPP can directly transfer the files in TIFF format to Photoshop.
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  4. Thanks to both Dieter and Glenn for the latest on cs6 and DPP. I have never used DPP or Adobe DNG so I will try both to see which approach works the best for me - what ever method works the best using RAW. (I may continue using my EOS 5D Mk III more than I thought I would have to). Again, THANKS for your recommendations.
  5. This has been a recurring problem for years. Every time another "RAW" file format is introduced, it takes a while for existing editors to catch up. Because of this, I strongly recommend keeping RawTherapee installed & updated - it's been my RAW editor for about a decade now. The latest version (5.8 - that link is to the downloads page) has CR3 support, according to their documentation. I can't verify this, as I've been all Sony all the time (apart from my phone) since the Memory Stick went the way of the dinosaurs. But I have no reason to doubt it, as they've never left me hanging before.

    I've used RT since it came out about a decade ago, and it's a pretty good non-destructive editor. I use it almost exclusively for management of RAW files (which won't open in GIMP, my main editor since I discovered it sometime around Y2K). But I can see how many might prefer its workflow to GIMP. I haven't used PS since 3, so I have no experience at all with current versions.
  6. This has been pretty much the case with every upgrade to the Canon RAW format for a very long time. Using the DNG converter is a reasonable work-around.
    This situation is another reason I stick with my MP-challenged cameras and the old versions of Bridge and Photoshop (not to mention, old hardware for now). It's all pretty adequate for what I do.

    If'n I don't die first (I ain't dead yet) I suppose I'll have to start over again with new computers, software, and cameras--- but not yet, not yet.
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