Add ability to critique individual folders seperately ?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by color, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I think adding the ability for members to critique individual folders on other member's pages would be good. Most of us have some sort of theme for each folder on our page, whether that's the type of image, the model, or the time that the photos were taken. And in that way typically each folder frequently is special and can deserve to be commented on seperately from the other folders on that person's page.
    This might be more trouble than it's worth from a website management standpoint, but I like the idea.
  2. You can create a presentation and ask for comments. You can just include a folder's worth of photos in that presentation.
  3. I'm talking about every folder in everyone's page being critiqueable as a collection of what's in that folder by any other member, just like now anyone can critique/comment on anyone else's page without any specific work done by that member to invite critiques of a presentation.
  4. I know what you were talking about. My guess is that would be an incredible amount of programming work for a feature that would not often be used by most people and is not likely to happen. I was offering an alternative workaround for you. Sorry if it wasn't helpful.
  5. Could we create a critique system whereby someone could request a critique of a folder of images as a group? Yes, in theory. But Fred is probably correct regarding the likelihood of that happening.
    Could we set it up so that there was a comment field at the bottom of the page for folders (similar to what exists at the bottom of a member's overall gallery page)? Yes, I think we could do that without too much trouble. I'd have to ask Jin.
  6. I also would like to see Chuck's request be made possible.
  7. Folder critiques/comments would be a nifty feature, especially for documentary or multi-photo projects. Presentations tend to be invisible unless you invite someone or they happen to stumble across it.
  8. As it stands now, there is no notification that a comment has been made on our portfolios. So I periodically just check my portfolio page to see if there are any new comments. I would prefer to see that kind of notification addressed before folder pages were also opened up for comments. There's no way I'm looking at each of my folders (and I only have about 10 compared to the hundreds many others have) with any kind of regularity to see if I've received comments on the folder.
  9. I agree with you Fred......... a great idea....... although many of our members have "read only" computers and acknowledge very little.

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