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  1. Hi all,

    I'm wondering if there is an adapter on the market today which enables use of the Canon tilt-shift lenses on the Z series cameras. I've heard rumors that the answer is yes but haven't seen anything available yet. If nothing is on the market yet, I'm curious about whether such an adapter is technically possible given the design of the Canon TS lenses and the huge flange of the Z series cameras. Thank you.
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    You might have the physics backwards - Nikon Z Series has a relatively short Flange Distance.

    There are likely a few but here is one - have a look here LINK

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    I assume the OP meant the Nikon Z mount has the widest diameter among FX format (full 35mm frame) mirrorless cameras.
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    Ta, Shun I got it.
    regards, William
  6. The large diameter and short flange are good things. However, I think the lens you mentioned is EF lenses and I don't know if one can design an adapter that can control the aperture.
  7. Following the Amazon link.. gets you this 'detail' about the adapter...!

    • Built-in IS image Stabilization Function: High precision digital processing and real-time motion sensing capabilities and detect motion of camera screen compensating movement, promoting the pixel and image quality to be better in real time.
    Not quite sure I understand what it means really...?
  8. This line gives me some confidence that this adapter isn't just a piece of metal; that there are electronic communications going on between lens and body: "Can adjust aperture directly from the camera side to control the actual aperture of the lens"
  9. ....and here was Altson's response when I asked about the adapter's compatibility with the other Canon Tilt Shift lenses (not just the 17 which is listed as being compatible on their website: "Tested the tilt shift lenses from other customer as follows: support AF: Canon 24 / 3.5 II Tilt shift lenses, 90 and 45 mm TSE lenses, support MF: Canon 50 / 2.8 Tilt shift Macro, Canon 17 / 4 Tilt shift, Canon 50 / 2.8 Tilt shift, Macro, Canon 135 / 4 Tiltshift Macro. Any problems, feel free to contact us." Sounds promising!
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    Those Canon tilt-shift lenses have auto focus? I wasn't aware of that.
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    Neither was I - my understanding is that no Canon TS-E Lens has Auto Focus.

    The adapter referenced in Post #4 has electronic connections. The adapter I referenced in Post #2 does not have any electronic connections: I would reckon there is a major advantage the OP pursuing an adapter WITH electronic connections because, with respect to using a TS-E Lens, having electronic connections we would expect that should allow control the APERTURE from the camera.

    If the OP opts for an adapter withOUT electronic connections, then one (and I understand the only) methodology to follow if we want to use the lens stopped down, is to:

    1. set the desired Aperture electronically using the lens attached to a Canon EOS body
    2. apply DOF Preview
    3. whilst holding down DOF Preview de-attach the Lens from the camera

    Once de-attached, any Canon "E" Lens will remain stopped down at that set aperture until it is reattached to a Camera body and the lens receives the voltage on the pins necessary to set the aperture to fully open. Obviously this stop down aperture procedure is quite cumbersome, but it works and on the odd occasion I have used it and I have found it useful, too: but only for an occasional use.

    My guess is, the response to the OP from Altson, as quoted above - viz- " . . .Tested the tilt shift lenses from other customer as follows: support AF: . . ." is simply sloppiness on the part of the customers' review, but, IMO it does warrant checking, simply because Altson has published the statement without vetting it, likely a simple oversight, but worth clarifying before forking out $250.

  12. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    For clarity and explanation - The Canon TS-E lenses are NOT "EF Lenses". However all the TS-E Lenses have "an EF Bayonet Mount". These two descriptors are exclusive and different.

    The nomenclature "E" in "TS-E" refers to "Electronic Connectivity". "E" in the Lens Nomenclature means that the camera can control the Aperture and the Focus "electronically", but, noted no TS-E lens has an "F" in its nomenclature. Having an "F" in the Lens's nomenclature, signifies that the lens is capable of Auto Focus and none of the TS-E lenses are capable of Auto Focus, hence none have an "F" as their lens descriptor.

    As for the second part of the comment: certainly there are many adapters and extension tubes etc, in various camera to lens combinations, that have electronic communication: it appears that Altson might make one which suits the OP's needs. If it does work as expected, then this adapter could be used to attach not only a TS-E lens, but to attach any EF Lens to a Nikon Z Series Camera and we'd expect Auto Focus (and Auto Aperture) to be possible.

    Additionally, noting that the adapter sports a red dot AND a white square on the lens mounting side, one would expect that the adapter will also mount and have full functionality with any EF-S Lens.

  13. William Michael

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    I understand that to be a very poor sentence construction, the purpose being to confirm that the electronic communication of the adapter also has the connectivity to enable the full functions of any Canon "IS Lens".

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  14. That was my take home message in the end....;)

    Basically it has physical pass-through connections... and the signal starts in Canon-speak and comes out in Nikon speak. But I guess it's a duplex conversation....:)

    • "Built-in IS image Stabilization Function",
    Is that actually true?

    It's heavily implying these functions and 'real-time' motion sensing and "camera screen compensating movement".....are in the adapter!
  15. For what it's worth..

    One of the reviewers on the amazon page says (so not my words, i do not own TS-E lenses or even a Nikon Z anything):

    " was having some viewer screen issues with my Altson adapter and my Canon TS-E lenses. I got an email from Altson about installing V1.3 firmware being necessary after a new Nikon firmware release, 2.10. Somehow, the Altson's problems with blacking out the viewer screens with the TS lenses has gone away. All seems well. Thanks, Altson."

    This implies that she or he is using this adapter for TS-E lenses succcesfully

    Furthermore it is on Ali-Express, where you can see more pictures of the contacts sported on the adapter : Altson auto focus Smart Adapter for Canon eos EF EF S Lens to NikonZ mount Z6 Z7 camera CEF NZ lens adapter free shipping - AliExpress
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  16. I would not want to be an early adopter of anything that converts from one undocumented electronic lens system, to another undocumented electronic system.
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