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  1. If anyone is interested I thought it might be fun to start a thread today (Jan. 1) and have various members post a picture each day through Dec. 31 of this year. Obviously the picture doesn't have to be taken on the day you post it (although if you have a darkroom or live close to a 1 hour lab you might). Since time zone differences are present we might occasionally see what appears to be two pictures on same date but no problem. Or if two members post at close to same time we might end up with two posts on same day. Again, no problem. Just thinking it might be fun. I'll start the ball rolling with a photo that I made a little over a month ago. So I've got Jan. 1 covered. So another member can post tomorrow to continue our year long thread.
    And please feel free to post more than once.
  2. Here's mine. Taken with Mamiya RB67 and Sekor 180mm with Nikon SB600 off camera. Fuji Across 100 processed in Rodinal 1:50. Edit. In the heat of the moment I pre-posted. Sorry.
  3. Well... lets see if we can keep up the momentum !
  4. No problem, Kris. Bottom line: as long as we finish 2015 with 365 pictures or more, then mission accomplished.
  5. I like the idea. Here's mine: Film exposed in Pentax Me Super. Kodak tri-X, then exposed again accidentally in Foca Pf3. Hc110 dilution H.
  6. Pentax 6x7, 105mm Super-Takumar f/2.4, Portra 160.
  7. No one's posted for the Jan. 4 entry so I got this. Here's a shot taken with my Rollei 35 LED, which has the same lens and shutter as the B35.
  8. For January 5th, a bird.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/blM02.jpg"><br><br>Classic Manual Camera with Classic Manual Lens and Classic Chemical Film.
  9. To keep this thread visible you might ask a mod
    to sorta-sticky it. However photo.net software
    doesn't accommodate long term sticky threads, so
    it would need to be redone every couple of weeks.

    The best solution may be for two or three folks
    to remember to bump the thread around once a week
    if it goes dormant. That'll help members and
    visitors who only drop by once a week or month.

    It'll be interesting to see how it develops.
  10. I've got the photo for January 6: an old image from 1972. Camera was a Sears Cubex (made by Imperial). Extremely modest specs here- a single element 60mm lens (probably around f11) and a single shutter speed. Film was Verichrome Pan. The film was either overdeveloped or overexposed so it was tough to scan. I used an Epson V600. Since I don't have a 127 carrier I positioned the negative under the 2x2 transparency holder and that seemed to work.
  11. Hello everyone. Rescanning a few rolls with the "new" Better Scanning ANR glass carrier has the juices flowing again. Here is one from 2002. FP-4, PMK-Pyro, Yashica Mat EM, Weston II Enjoy, Bill
  12. Well, it's heading for the evening of Thursday January 8, down under, so here's a contribution. Contax RTS, 50mm Planar T* f/1.7, Arista 100, PMK Pyro. Scan from an Epson V700.
  13. Nice bug Rick. Another from the shearing shed, but taken on a Linhof Tech.V with a 150mm Apo-Lanthar on Efke 25 in PMK.
  14. yashica a, Fuji 160ns (from this month)
  15. Here's a pic for 11.1.2015
  16. Testing a Miranda Sensorex with 50mm Auto-Miranda f/1.4 lens. Ilford Pan F Plus in Pyrocat HD.
  17. Lyddington Bede House, Rutland, England. The Bede House in the picturesque village of Lyddington, was originally the medieval wing of a palace owned by the Bishops of Lincoln. By 1600 it was owned bySir Thomas Cecil, son of Queen Elizabeth’s chief minister. Cecil converted it into an almshouse for "12 poor ‘bedesmen’ over 30 years old and two women (over 45), all free of lunacy, leprosy or the French pox." Link
  18. "all free of lunacy, leprosy or the French pox"...I may use that when looking for new tenants :) That is a great looking house Alan...I do envy you Brits with your history....but not your weather!
  19. For day 14 of the new year, a photo from my Konica C35V. The C35V wasn't as popular as the C35 and C35 Automatic because it lacked a rangefinder. However, it shared the same 38mm f2.8 Hexanon lens and programmed automation. One neat feature, though: Since the C35V did not have guide number settings for automatic flash, it had manual aperture settings. So, if one wanted some degree of manual control you could set it for flash (albeit a blistering 1/25 second), but could select apertures from f2.8 to f14.
  20. Okay, I got the 15th covered. I chose an image taken with a Minolta SRT 101 and Tamron 500 mm mirror lens.
  21. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Nice work and nice photo, Mike. I was coming in just now to post a photo for Jan. 15 and I see that you have done it. I'll save my photo for some later date when it again appears that no one was going to post a photo. (Mine would have been with the SRT-201)
  22. Which raises a 'point of order': perhaps it's best for posters of a pic-for-this-day to resist the temptation to post another one for a while.
  23. I feel the same way about "point of order" Q.G., but as of 10:41 P.M. (CST) no one had posted for the day so I wanted to keep the original order going of at least one photo per day this year. Normally, I would have preferred to wait a while before contributing again. Generally, I will wait until a few minutes before 11 CST since my posts often show up as EST which is an hour later. Not sure if we have anyone in the Pacific Time Zone (2 hours earlier than CST) that contributes, so any posts from that zone would actually show for next day. BTW, I've enjoyed the pictures you have submitted and hope you will continue to contribute.
    Also, thanks go to our moderator for placing a "sticky" on this thread to keep it at the top for easy access.
    Thanks, James. If I'd waited a few more minutes... Look forward to seeing your photo.
  24. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    I checked this thread about 10:30 PM last night and saw no photo for Jan 15. I thought I had better put one in just to keep the continuity going. Then I selected a photo, scanned it, cropped it, resized it, saved it and came back here to find that Mike had already taken care of Jan 15 almost at the last moment. Nothing wrong with Mike stepping up at the end of the day and posting another photo since no one else had. If someone were to post photos for several days in a row and all shortly after midnight, 00:01 a.m., well, that would be a different matter. Fortunately we know that everyone understands the aim of the thread and would not do that.
  25. Maybe one time zone could be appointed as the time zone this thread is in?<br>If, say, it would be CST, i know i could post a day's image (or not need to worry about noone posting a day's image) until 7 a.m. the next day, someone in Alaska only until 9 p.m. of the day in question. Something like that.<br><br>Great idea, Mike, this thread!
  26. Photo.net is used by people from all over the world, and while Central Somewhere Time will work for some people, it will not be of much relevance to others elsewhere in the world. My view is that a preoccupation with timezones relating to this thread would be a distraction which could lead to inconsistencies and headaches, without helping to remove confusion for potential posters who live in remote and oft forgotten parts of the world like Europe, Africa and Asia. Let's not forget, that when it is 'today' where we are standing, it may be tomorrow somewhere else . . . and occasionally, in some parts of the world, it may still be yesterday.
  27. That's why a time zone would be a great help, Alan.<br>Here, it's already tomorrow, so would i be too late? How long should i wait before posting a last minute image so the day does not go without? One minute before... uhm... midnight? That would be one minute before someone else's midday. Now i have taken the trouble to look up the time difference between my time zone and CST Mike mentioned, i do know how late would be too late. So if we could agree that this thread lives in CST, that would be settled. No inconsistencies, no confusion. Midnight CST is midnight CST anywhere on the world. As opposed to just midnight.
  28. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Lest we forget to post a photo: Minolta SRT-201 45mm Rokkor-X, Plus-X, HC-110 (dil. B)
  29. Nice quality B&W James....very smooth.
  30. Q.G. If you really want a time zone there is a perfectly good, internationally recognised and much used one that has been around since 1960 - UTC . . aka GMT.
  31. Any time zone will do, Alan. As long as we all know which one it is.<br>It would make perfect sense though if that single zone is the one used for the time stamp PNet puts on posts.
  32. Thanks, Q.G. A couple of years back I tried to start a "picture a day" thread for a year in the No Words forum, but it didn't last long. And in that forum I would have only been allowed one photo, which I used on first day of the year. I'm very pleased with the participation we're having here in this thread. I have thoroughly enjoyed the photos as well. Perhaps if there's any uncertainty about the time of posting we could include in our post our local time that we posted our image at. Great work, everyone, and great fun.
    Looking forward to seeing the next image.
    @James- HC110 dilution B is my favorite developer for Plus-X. I find that I get box speed, great tones, and fine grain. Still got a good supply of Plus-X under cold storage and plenty of HC110 so I'm set.
  33. A very enjoyable thread, i do hope it has continued success, Eastern standard time US+Canada
    Panther motorcycle from a few years ago at a classic motorcycle show
  34. Nice motorcycle shot, Ron. I do hope we will continue to keep the thread going. Can't wait to see what image will be posted for today's date.
  35. Okay, I've waited until almost the last minute of 1/18/15 in CST so here goes.
  36. Well, it's the 21st down here, but there's nothing for the Forum's 20th, so here you go. Trying out some Rollei RPX 100 with the Bronica S2.
  37. Thanks, Rick. Not worried about the date. Just enjoying the photos.
  38. Hello everyone. Now into rescanning some "oldies" with the ANR glass inserts, vivid memories flood back into the brain. Here is one from 1978. K1000-50mm, FP-4 & D-23 Enjoy, Bill
  39. One from an old classic lens, for a change; the 135mm Super Ozeck II MC f/2.8, a remarkable close-focusing prime.
  40. Old camera, old lens, old film. A bit of old style postprocessing.<br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/manas/images/MNS1.jpg">
  41. Why, no 24 January yet? Then, here it is: taken last week with a Minolta XD7, (poorly) scanned yesterday, and posted today 24/1/15 at 21:12 CET. We on this side of the pond have the Sun on our side, and will easily alway post ahead of you colonials...
  42. Contax IIA and 21mm f4.5 Biogon..
  43. I got January 25th here. Here in CST it is 9:10 P.M. and still Jan. 25. Great shots, everyone. Keep 'em coming.
  44. <a href="http://s1115.photobucket.com/user/ardechois/media/5d00b56e-1a3c-40ed-b5bc-2c441ed992ce.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1115.photobucket.com/albums/k546/ardechois/5d00b56e-1a3c-40ed-b5bc-2c441ed992ce.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 5d00b56e-1a3c-40ed-b5bc-2c441ed992ce.jpg"/></a>

    Shot with a Welta Perle old folding camera fitted with a Xenar lens
  45. This abandoned church is at Colston Basset in Nottinghamshire (England). Parts of the church date from Anglo-Saxon times, but some of it is Norman and it was variously enlarged and partially demolished over succeeding centuries until the mid 19th Century when it was replaced by a Victorian church situated nearby. The village is better known for its dairy which produces blue or white Stilton cheese, and which (by law) is only produced here and in a few surrounding villages. Minolta Autocord & Reala. Posted just before dinner time in rural England.
  46. Morning everyone....I'll keep the ball rolling for a bit. Rescanning some older films with the ANR glass on the V600 and a "new" software trick by one of the members. 2007 with a YashicaMat EM, 100Tmax and PMK-Pyro. Enjoy, Bill
  47. Something a little different for the 28th; Kiev 4, 50mm Jupiter 8 f/2, Arista 100, PMK Pyro.
  48. Aw, go on then! Here's another portrait.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/manas/images/MNS5.jpg">
  49. from a neighbors rock garden
  50. Resting in the "Bounce House"...
  51. It looks like we were so thrown by the appearance of a Sony Nex-7 in this thread that we forgot about February 1st.
    So another portrait for that day:

    Q.G. de Bakker [​IMG] [​IMG], Feb 01, 2015; 11:59 p.m.

    Classic camera with classic lens and classic film.
  52. Thanks for keeping our thread on schedule, Q.G. And nice portrait.
  53. And once again no entry for the day itself? Who forgot to post an image for February 2nd?

    So again:

    Q.G. de Bakker [​IMG][​IMG], Feb 02, 2015; 11:59 p.m.

    Classic camera, and all that.

    Come on all! This is not (!) the February 3rd entry! So get posting!
  54. Thanks, Q.G. I'll get an early start for Feb. 3 and post an image from my archives. I plan to develop some black & white film that I recently shot so I hope to have something new in a day or two. The following image is from my Konica Auto S1.6.
  55. Hopefully this will be for the 4th. Another pic from our recent air show, Yashica TL Electro, 50mm Auto Yashinon DX f/1.4, Fuji Superia 200
  56. Alfa Romeo.
  57. I've got Feb. 6 covered. Posted at 11:57 CST.
  58. one for Feb 7
  59. For February 8th.
  60. Robin, love that Alfa! Mine for the 9th.
  61. One for the 10th: Nikon FE : 35-70mm Osawa MC f/3.5-4.5 : Kentmere 100 : Pyrocat HD
  62. Hello everyone. Vintage cars are seductive...just like vintage cameras. YashicaMat EM, FP-4, PMK-Pyro. Enjoy, Bill
  63. Okay, I'll post for the 11th. Another shot from a roll of Arista EDU 100 from my Konica Auto S2. I've been experimenting with the film and fine tuning the developing time in HC110 dilution H. While I've been using the 24exp boxed rolls, the price in 100' bulk is attractive so I may eventually buy a roll.
  64. I'll post something today. I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's work thus far.
    This is a shot from a couple of years ago that I recently reworked. I still wish I had focused a little closer to get more of the foreground in focus.
  65. Love the light in that image, Cory; it's positively luminous.
  66. Thanks Rick. I wish I'd had grad ND with me at the time. I underexposed the shot a little and then brightened the beach a bit in post. Other than a little noise reduction to help with grain aliasing from the scanner and cloning out my own flip flops that I'd left on the sand, everything else is as it appears on the negative.
  67. Seixal, Madeira.
  68. For the 14th
  69. I'm also loving this post, the images are really good. Wondering what you used for the flowers Marcel, lovely softness.
    Another from me for the 15th.
  70. I'll cover the 15th. Another shot from some of my time in Tupelo. This time, though, with my old Yashica Lynx 14E. Meter doesn't work so I determined exposure by experience (plus a little bracketing). Film was Tri-X in HC110 dilution B and scanned on Epson V600 at 2400 dpi. Resized using MS Office Photo Manager.
  71. Canon 7 + Nikon S chrome 50/2 on a Nikon S to LTM coupler; 400 ISO Fujicolor. Straightened slightly but otherwise uncropped. Minolta Scan Elite 5400.
  72. Not much activity today in the CMC forum in general so I'll go ahead and post for Feb. 17th. Another shot from a roll of Tri-X that I shot in my Yashica Lynx 14E. Parking lot at Chili's Restaurant. No tripod and shutter set at 1/30. I don't recall the aperture. Negative was underexposed but some detail shows. Could have used a slower shutter speed, but I didn't want the scene to look too bright. FWIW, though, with leaf shutter rangefinder cameras you can usually get by with 1/15 or even 1/8 second if you have a steady hand and release shutter smoothly.
    Caption reads Pepper's, but it should say Chili's.
  73. So we forgot about the 18th... Or not:

    Q.G. de Bakker [​IMG] [​IMG], Feb 18, 2015; 11:59 p.m.

    Classic camera with classic lens and classic film.
  74. Nikon EL + Nikon 85/2.
  75. A little late, but here's my entry for the 20th.
  76. Hopefully, for the 21st.
  77. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Let us try a larger format and camera/lens c. 1903 on 5x7 inch Ektachrome sheet film.
  78. For February 23, portico of the 19th Century Belo Mansion in Dallas, Texas, with the 21st Century Museum Tower in the background, captured with the Contax IIA and 85mm f2 Sonnar.
  79. Old Philips Industrial site in Eindhoven, now turned into a small business and office center.
    Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic (1945) with 127mm f/4.7 Ektar (1946), Expired Fuji NPS sheet film.
  80. pre flight prep
  81. Nikon FE : 50mm Nikkor f/1.8 : Arista 100 : PMK Pyro
  82. I am staggered that this has done so relatively well for so long.
    Here is a picture taken today, but I suspect that it might not qualify as a classic manual camera image. As said at the start, it just "soo haard" to get a same-day classic image.
  83. to atone, here is the same venue, but with a Soviet FED-4
  84. I'll do one too for the 28th, and colour for a change!.
  85. Tony, Couple of cool cats! I miss my F2as...........
  86. A bird for the first. Spring, new life, and all that.<br/>
    <img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as9.jpg" /><br/>Classic etcetera
  87. Pentax LX plus Pentax K (not KA) 80-200/4.5.
  88. [​IMG]
    Leica II and uncoated Leitz 5cm f/3.5 Elmar (both from 1932). Rollei RPX 100
  89. Got some extra time (snow day) so I'll cover today. A shot from a roll of Tri-X that I recently processed and scanned. Minolta SRT 202 with 50mm f2 Rokkor MD.
  90. Praktica BX20 : Pentacon Prakticar MC 70-210 f/4-5.6 : Kodak T-Max 100 : ID-11
  91. Rick, beautiful horses and it looks like a nice lens/camera combo. What I really like is how well the Tmax 100 and ID-11 went together. Did you use it straight or diluted? Great tones, but scanning might be different to wet printing.
  92. I apologize to Rick and everyone for my last post and will next time use a "private message" to ask a question or make a comment meant for here. Sincerely sorry! John W
  93. Nothing to apologize for John.
  94. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    This is not the No Words forum. People should feel free to comment on the photos if they so choose.
  95. Fine by me , John, it's great that we can all share information. I don't use T-Max very often, preferring the "look" of more traditional emulsions, but I had a couple of rolls nearing expiry date. The film was developed in ID-11 at 68°F, 1-1 dilution for 11 minutes. It's interesting that Kodak still recommend that T-Max be developed in D-76, which is (of course) the equivalent of ID-11. And yes, the Praktica B system is a delight, but not well-known.
  96. John, I used a Mamiya M645 with 80 mm f2.8 lens for the roses photo from the 14 th of February.
    This is for today Sunday the 8th of March
  97. One for March 9.
  98. Try that again...also post number 100!
  99. Mid-day bridge and shadows, with a Leica M4, 50mm f2 Summicron and Ilford FP4..
  100. Filling the sky with branches.Leica M4, 50mm f2 Summicron and Ilford FP4.
  101. Zorki Ic, with fresh curtains and an Industar-22. Rollei RPX 100

  102. A quiet morning along Lakeside Drive. Leica M4, 50mm Summicron and Ilford FP4.
  103. I'll cover today, Saturday the 14th (Pi Day!) My "sports equipment" still life was taken with a Konica Auto S3 loaded with Fuji Superia 200.
  104. Houses of Parliament
  105. It's the frizbee Mike.
  106. You're the winner, Bill. Now I need to come up with a photo for Mole Day. At least I have until October 23rd.
  107. Bronica ETRs : 40mm Zenzanon MC f/4 : Ektacolor 160
  108. Here's a green-tinted black & white image from last year. The film was Ilford HP5+ tinted green in PhotoStudio 5.5. Posted at 11:12 CST.
  109. Green for yesterday, the moon and sun for tomorrow.<br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/bl1_12b.jpg"><br>Posted today.
  110. Great eclipse shot, Q.G.
  111. Bronica ETRs : 40mm Zenzanon MC f/4 : Ektacolor 160
  112. Deep thoughts, captured with a Leica M4, 90mm f2 Summicron and Ilford Pan F ISO 50..
  113. I'll cover today. Had my Pentax MX out a few weeks back when we had a rare snow. Although my Sigma 18-35 is an AF lens, it works manually on my MX, although the focusing action isn't quite as smooth as most non-AF lenses.
  114. Somehow we missed Sunday the 22nd so here is Sunday's entry.
  115. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    I guess I can do the real Monday going to large format 8x10 inch Seneca View camera.
  116. Nothing for the 24th? Here's one from a few years back.
  117. OK, here's one for the 25th.Voigtlander Prominent, 50mm Ultron f/2, Kentmere 100, PMK Pyro
  118. Leica M4, Voigtlander 21mm f4 Color-Skopar and Ilford Pan F ISO 50, the front facade of the Hall of State in Fair Park where the Texas State Fair is held, which is one of the larger sets of Art Deco buildings in the US..
  119. More Art Deco fun, with the M4, 135mm f4 Tele Elmar and Ilford Pan F..
  120. Well, just finished watching Kentucky defeat Notre Dame in the NCAA basketball tournament. I realized no one's posted an entry for today so I'll cover it.
  121. Hello everyone. Several weeks ago a V-800 scanner arrived at the homestead and Phase II of the scanning bucket list started (4x5 & 8x10 negs). JJ Golden pops up in a sister forum with his LF work, so I take the bait and drag out the "ol" Calumet 4x5, clean it up and run a few sheets of film in it. Next we get a MOD54 daylight developing tank....now I am modifying a hand pulled golf bag kart to haul the rig around (hey, I'm 72 with dodgy knees !). The enclosed is from back-in-the-day (1976), but with spring weather, who knows what will appear in a bit. Enjoy, Bill
  122. A bad scan. The good life.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/mme/images/Dd12.jpg">
  123. Following the trend: Pentax 67, 75mm SMC Takumar f/4.5 : Fuji 160 NPC
  124. Forsythia
  125. Nice work, everyone. Our thread lost its "sticky", though.
  126. Yes. Should be reglued!<br>Mod? Please?
  127. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    No April Fool joke that sticky disappearing. I didn't have much luck getting it back myself but another moderator gave me a suggestion that worked. Sort of had to back door it in. It should now stay for the rest of the year. I hope.

    BTW, I had an April Fool photo prepared involving the sky and a flying saucer (or maybe just a photo of the sky where the flying saucer used to be) but Robin beat me in posting a photo for the day. Too bad. Maybe next year. Robin's photo is a lot better anyway. Great color.
  128. Thanks, James. I had a couple of April 1st ideas as well but I haven't scanned them yet.
  129. Yes, thanks James!<br><br>A bird for April 2nd.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as4.jpg">
  130. Great bird shot, Q.G.
    James- next year we should start an April 1st (April Fools') thread. Might be fun. I usually play one or two April 1st jokes on my classes that I teach, but haven't made many photo's worthy of that. My kids (a year later) are still talking about the ham spread (with cat food label) joke that I pulled on my Biology class last year. Should've taken a picture.
  131. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Mike- I once came here on an April 1st to ask a serious question but everyone made fun of me. Hmmph.

  132. For today, a favorite restaurant that my wife and I only get to visit rarely. This one's in Flowood MS (just outside Jackson) although there is another one about the same distance away from us in Memphis. I was just finishing up a roll of Fuji Reala in my Rollei B35 and decided on the building for the last photo. Getting difficult to find 1 hour processing as the Walgreen's in the next town is on their last batch of chemistry. After that it's mail order of DIY.
  133. Autumn is in the air... Yashica Penta J, Vivitar Auto Wide 20mm f/3.8, Fuji Superia 200.
  134. Another image from the Rollei 35S.

    "Almost home"
  135. A switch in camera and modes of transport. The camera is an Olympus 35RC - with Ilford XP2.
    Private Transport - A Honda Scrambler
  136. Leica M4, CV 21mm f1.8 and Ilford ISO 50..
  137. A two-parter for today. On the outside an old grain storage facility, with the Leica M4 and 21mm f1.8 CV Ultron..
  138. And on the inside, a wall climbing facility..
  139. Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Primotar E 50mm f/3.5 : Praktica FX3 : Fuji Acros : PMK Pyro
  140. Hello everyone....finally beat the Down Under guys for the date!! The 4x5 love affair is heating up again. The addition of the MOD54 developing system is great. I load the film (dark room), and presoak with the mixing rod installed. It only takes about 30 seconds to really secure the top and from there on it's just like a Nikor, so the same inversion sequence is maintained just like the MF or 35mm negs. This offering is from a recent excursion into Puget Sound. Film is 400Tmax @ 250, Weston V & 510-Pyro @ 22 minutes. Enjoy, Bill
  141. Classic film cameras, film, and even an electronic flash. I used a Minolta SR 505, 100 mm f3.5 MC Rokkor (at f11), a Sunpak Auto 511 flash (leftover demo unit from family camera shop), and Tri-X film.
  142. Was this done with the 100/3.5 MC Macro or the regular 100/3.5?
  143. It is the MC Macro, Jeff. Somehow that got left out of my description. I do have the non macro 100 f3.5, btw. Beautiful little lens and great performer. Barely bigger than a 55mm lens.
  144. Before April 12 gets away from us, I'll post an image. This one is from a roll of Arista EDU 100 shot in my Konica Auto S2 a couple of months ago. This one is filtering to the extreme as I used a red (#25) filter. For ordinary picture taking on a sunny day with blue skies I would normally use a light yellow or deep yellow.
  145. Good catch, Mike!<br><br>For today another (fuzzy headed) bird.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/bl1_11a.jpg">
  146. Thanks, Q. G. And I've really enjoyed your bird photos. Hope to see more.
  147. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Since it is a special day, a photo with water nymphs and satyrs heralding my and Bill Mitchel's birthday.
  148. Happy Birthday, James and Bill! An appropriate (and very fine) photograph, indeed.
  149. The Mississippi River - using a worn out IIIf and cloudy Elmar.
    The mighty Forturne Epoch passing Algiers Point
  150. A selfie taken under US 90 - the same IIIf and Elmar
    Big River, Big Bridge
  151. One more exposure from the banks of the Big Muddy.
    Boy playing by the levee.
  152. Fire escape at the old Holt Hotel in Wichita Falls, Texas.
    Leica M4 and CV 21mm f1.8 Ultron, with Ilford Pan-F ISO 50..
  153. Blythburgh Church
  154. Small bird.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as3.jpg">
  155. Canon A1 : Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C. : Fuji Superia 200
  156. Been a little over a week since I've contributed to the thread. Everyone is doing a good job of keeping it going. Minolta SRT 101 with 55mm f1.7 MC Rokkor with Tri-X.
  157. From the same IIIf BD with a failing second curtain and cloudy Elmar lens.
    Riverboat Natchez passing the Bywater
  158. Got a window in my schedule this evening so I'll take care of the April 23rd photo. Recently ran a roll of expired APX 100 through my Rolleicord III around the same time as I was shoot some Plus-X in my SRT 101. So if the image looks familiar I shot a similar one with the 101. It occurred to me that I'd never tried my Rolleicord III with electronic flash so a cat in a sunny window was a good test. I used an old Sunpak 511 flash left over from the family camera shop.
  159. Hmm...It's getting late. Nikon FE : Osawa 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro
  160. From my Voigtlander Bessa II with a sluggish shutter. Two old paddle steamers that were retired from the Mississippi River during the financial crisis of 08/09. - 40 years ago, I raced the Mississippi Queen along the top of the levee with a 10 speed bike, as she was chugging up river.

    River Queens No More
  161. Hello everyone. A shot taken on a recent trip down Hwy 97 along the Columbia River. Ercona II, 100Tmax, Weston III, G filter and 510-Pyro developer. Enjoy, Bill
  162. Bill - I like the work that you doing with Ercona II. It's not the easiest camera to compose with.
  163. Thanks Andrew. On both of my 6x9 folders (Ercona & Bessa), I have put four (4) Sharpie "blobs" in the view finder window that show both horizontal and vertical mid points of the negative. These "blobs" give me a clue (me clueless?) to center my subject. Bill
  164. To keep the ball rolling, another from me. About 1/2 mile from the cabin, this was the 1st exposure of the Hwy 97 trip. Here I wish color neg was in the Ercona....fantastic yellows and greens from the spring growth. I did "cheat" and use the digi! Enjoy, Bill
  165. Contax IIA, Zeiss 85mm f2 Sonnar and Ilford Pan F film..
  166. A quiet corner of the Fort Worth Water Gardens, with the Leica M4, 35mm f2 Summicron and Ilford Pan F.
  167. Mike, your kitty shot is just great and Rick, the "atmosphere" around the old car is fantastic the way you captured it.
  168. Thanks, Greg! On a similar theme, but rather different : Voigtlander Prominent : 35mm Skoparon f/3.5 : Arista 100 EDU : PMK Pyro
  169. For May 1st: I've been experimenting with slitting 120 down to 127 size. Not much success, but my last effort produced a few useable shots from a roll of expired APX 100. Since Agfa never offered this film in 127 I thought it would be interesting to try. Interesting that in the late 50's a couple of photo articles were touting 127 as the format of the future.
  170. Before May 2 gets away here's an image. Recently shot some film in my Rollei 35S. The building on the left is a bank that was constructed in 1972, but updated numerous times. The building on the right is essentially unchanged except for a drive through for customers. When I was growing up it served as the Post Office. When a larger Post Office was needed the building served as the Police Station. Its current function is the Water and Light Department (aka utilities).
  171. Busy weekend, eh? Just before turning in for me, but here is a photo for May 3.
  172. An early morning post for the 4th.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as13.jpg">
  173. Santa Fe Railroad building front facade in late afternoon side-light, captured with the Contax IIA, 85mm f2 Sonnar and Ilford Pan-F..
  174. Waiting.....while I was across the street with my Leica M4 and 35mm f2 Summicron, loaded with Ilford Pan-F..
  175. All sizes and shapes. Contax IIA, 21mm f4.5 Biogon and Ilford Pan-F..
  176. For the 9th, though it is the 10th already.

    Q.G. de Bakker [​IMG][​IMG], May 9, 2015; 11:59 p.m.

    I'm not good with numbers.

  177. Here's one for the 10th. Contax RTS : 50mm Carl Zeiss Planar T* f/1.7 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro
  178. I'll take the 11th. Some old (but quite useable) technology pictured here. My late 80's CD changer, linear tracking turntable, 70's vintage stereo receiver, and 70's vintage bookshelf speakers. This is the small system I keep in the bedroom. I have a cable from the tape outputs to the line-in of the computer so I have an easy way to digitize my records. I used an equally vintage Sunpak 511 flash as well.
  179. So for the 12th, another one made using classic equipment and classic film.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/manas/images/MNS3.jpg">
  180. Great image, Q.G.
  181. Yashica FR I : Yashinon 42-75 f/3.5-4.5 : Ilford FP4 : PMK Pyro
  182. My internet is out but fortunately I have a few classic camera scans on my cell phone so I can still post today. This image was done with a Mamiya 645J but I don't recall which lens. Cropped and tinted after scanning.
  183. Stonehenge. Leica M3 not an M5 (always wanted an M5 though...)
  184. Activity in the forums is often down a bit on the weekends so I'll take care of today's photo. A couple of contrasting automobiles: background car is a late 70's Ford Granada (what Ford called their answer to Mercedes). They claimed it could get 25 miles per gallon with its 1 barrel straight six, but nowhere close. I think 25, though, was the number of seconds needed to reach 60 mph. Foreground is a 1986 Chevy Celebrity (actually is mine) that is faster and more economical, but doesn't have the smooth ride of the Grenada. Don't know who owns the Grenada, but driving the Chevy from time to time makes me really appreciate my Mustang.
    I used a Rollei 35S for the image along with Tri-X.
  185. Just had a roll of HP5 developed;
  186. Hello everyone. How do you change light bulbs in Vegas ?....Big Snorkel does the job as seen here. A weekly maintenance keeps the light show going at the Fremont Experience nightly. Afga Isolette III, G filter, 100Tmax @ 64asa, Pilot metering, 510-Pyro development. Enjoy, Bill
  187. A "four month report card". Just did some numbers for the four months of our year long thread (January- April).
    Everyone gets an A+ for their images! Not too bad sticking to our dates so maybe an A- for that.
    Some statistics:
    • 6 members contributed 1 image
    • 2 members contributed 2 images
    • 3 members contributed 3 images
    • 2 members contributed 4 images
    • 1 member contributed 5 images
    • 1 member contributed 7 images
    • 2 members contributed 8 images
    • 1 member contributed 12 images
    • 1 member contributed 15 images
    • 1 member contributed 20 images
    • 1 member contributed 25 images
    I haven't counted May yet, but if enough members are interested I'll do a report card again after the next four month period.
    Keep those great images coming.
  188. Maine road
  189. Rolleicord III and Provia.
  190. Praktica BX-20 : Pentacon Prakticar 50/1.8 : Fuji Superia 200
  191. Rolle 35S - 40mm/2.8 HFT Sonnar - Fuji Color 400H -
  192. Memorial Day here Central Texas will be rained out.
  193. Oops...

    Q.G. de Bakker [​IMG] [​IMG], May 24, 2015; 11:59 p.m.


    Uhm... something, something feet something.
  194. Thanks for keeping us on track, Q. G.
  195. And for May 25th-
  196. Before the 26th gets away...
  197. Mike, you're doing all the work! I never like to post before about 9.0 pm (your time) in case I'm pre-empting someone in your time zone, but here's one for the 27th, before I shut down for the evening. Bronica ETRs : 40mm Zenzanon f/4 : Ilford HP-5 : Ilford Perceptol
  198. Thanks, Rick. I usually do spread my posts out a bit more than that. Of course, the "towel" picture needed to go in of the 25th (International Towel Day from Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy). I like the car picture, BTW.
  199. Kennedy Memorial in downtown Fort Worth, located just outside the hotel where JFK stayed the night before they traveled over to Dallas on November 22, 1963. Leica M4, 35mm f2 Summicron and Ilford Pan-F..
  200. No takers for the 29th?
  201. Looks like it got away...Here's one for the 30th, and yours can be a de facto 29th, Mike.
    Pentax 67 : 200mm SMC Takumar f/4 : Tri-X 400 : PMK Pyro
  202. Nobody wants the 31st? It's our first day of winter down here, so here's one to celebrate the change of seasons. Pentax 6x7, SMC Pentax 45mm f/4, Ilford FP4. PMK Pyro.
  203. Let me jump in with flowers. :)
  204. Rick, you were 4 seconds faster.
  205. Wenshu, I knew I should have waited...
  206. Mystery of the Mausoleum
  207. [​IMG]
    Living History at House Doorn, Yashica 635 and Rollei RPX 400
  208. Getting late on June 3rd in Central Time Zone so I got this one.
    By CST, it was 11:37 P.M.
  209. So for June 4th proper:<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as7.jpg">
  210. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Minolta XG-1, Kiron 28-210mm lens, Tri-X, hand tinted
  211. Tuscan landscape.
  212. Not much going on today so I'll take the post for Sunday, June 7. I noticed that the parallel parking spaces aren't used much now as most people park around the corner in the angled parking spaces. In my state new drivers don't even have to parallel park anymore to get a license. Never a problem for me as I routinely parallel parked my dad's Caprice station wagon back in the 70's.
  213. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Minolta SRT-201 with pinhole lens, Plus-X, HC110 dil. B
  214. Pentax 6x7 :Super Takumar Fisheye 6X7 35mm f/4.5 : Kodax-Tri X 400 : Ilford Perceptol
  215. From some film processed over the weekend.
  216. Praktica BX20 : Pentacon Prakticar MC 70-210mm f4-5.6 : Ilford FP4 : Pyrocat HD
  217. High plateau in the French Alps. Rolleiflex and Ilford SFX 200, and IR filter
  218. Very charming portrait, Rick. And great work with the IR filter, M.C. I have a roll of Rollei IR that I need to use this summer.
  219. pentax67, 135mm, portra 160
  220. Thanks for your comment, Mike. If you do get around to using the Rollei IR, it'd be great to see the results.
    Here's another one with the SFX and IR filter.
    Richard, that is a very striking portrait.
  221. thanks m.c. fitz
  222. Monpazier
  223. Okay, I'll cover today. I think it's been a few days since I posted here. Looking forward to seeing some more work from everyone. And if you have been visiting here but haven't posted yet, please do.
    In my attempts to cut back on my "building shots" here's an available light portrait of my youngest son. Afternoon sun diffused by stain glass windows. Depth of field was shallow and slow shutter speed soften the image.
  224. This was taken with a Minolta X300 & 200mm lens. They had belonged to the late father of a friend, and she donated them to me, as long as I was sure I'd use them.
  225. I'm early, but here's one for the 18th.
  226. Hello everyone. Here is an original BSA Twin 650 from the 1960's era....original owner, 39K plus miles. Taken at the Portland Oregon Rose Festival this past weekend. Agfa Super Solinette, UN54 film, Pilot metering, 510-Pyro developer and V600 scanning. Enjoy, Bill
  227. OK, I'll try again...system nabbed me over 2 pixels ! The BSA
  228. Great motorcycle, Bill, but the GTO in the background looks interesting too. Thanks.
  229. Hello all you hot rodders ! Sorry for not attacking the GTO Mike, but other things had me salivating! Next day discovered this gem in the parking lot while having breakfast at a popular café....could not find the driver inside, nor did anyone know anything about it, but several old rodders did leave the 2nd cuppa for a lookielou. Super Solinette, UN54 @ 64asa, Pilot meter, 510 Pyro. Enjoy, Bill
  230. From a hiking last year.
  231. (Oops. Time zone error. 'Spoke' too soon - i'll post again later, when it actually is tomorrow over there/here too. Or the day after tomorrow. Or later. Apologies.)
  232. No apologies necessary, Q. G. I look forward to seeing more of your photos.
  233. So here goes. Also not a recent one.<br>The end of the world is over there. Mind you don't fall over the edge.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/mme/images/TR333Str.jpg">
  234. The Bookery. Olympus Wide S. Ilford FP4. Somewhat disappointed. The rangefinder may be off. Seems like everything is somewhat unsharp.
  235. Pentax 6x7 : 75mm Super Multi Coated Takumar f/4.5 : Kodak Tri-X
  236. Rick,
    You seem to be pretty fond of that Pentax 67 and its glass. What's the longest lens you use for the Pentax 67? I have up to the 200mm, but seldom use more than the 105mm f2.4. You posted shots show just how good the camera can be in the right hands.
  237. Thanks, John; yes, the Pentax 67 has been my Medium Format camera of choice for over 30 years, and I have pretty much a full set of lenses from the 200mm down. Like you, I don't use the longer lenses very often, the 75mm being my favourite and one of the sharpest lenses I have in any format. The 200mm is actually a very good performer, and I occasionally take it out, usually with a specific image in mind. Here's a sample from a series I did with it, trying to capture our low winter light.
  238. Rick,
    Another gleaming shot! I've had mine for 27yrs, but I seemed to have used an old 500C Hasselblad more. I'm now putting the 'blad away and devoting all to the Pentax 67. I have all the lenses from 45mm up to 200mm and find no fault with any of those. Your pictures prove that. John W
  239. Great shot, Rick. With the time zone difference I'm guessing your shot would count for the 24th. I really like the dramatic lighting. Thanks.
  240. Since I got an early start today I'll cover the photo for June 25. I recently received three rolls processed and scanned by Dwaynes so I'll share one from that. With temps in the 90's for the next few days here in the southern USA I thought a shot from the early March snow and ice might be in order.
  241. Lovely ice picture, Mike. It's hot here in France, and is going to become even hotter in the coming days, so I'll go along with the theme of posting a picture from the winter, for the 26th of June.
  242. A bit more snow.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/mme/images/Wasser.jpg">
  243. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    It is hot here in the southeastern United States with temperatures in the upper 90s (32 C). Snow is good.
  244. A last-minute effort for the 28th : Praktica BMS : 50mm Pentacon Prakticar f/2.4 : Fuji Superia 200
  245. Sorry James! For some reason your image wasn't showing on my browser, just your text, and I thought you were just commenting on the weather!
  246. Are you using something like the "Privacy Badger" add on for your browser? That might be blocking some images from external sources.

    Santa Fe event 2015 - Liberty Park, Overloon.
    "No.5 AFPU photographer in Oosterbeek"
    Graflex Combat 45, Kodak 127mm f/4.7 Anastigamat Special, Fomapan 100
  247. Great portrait, Rick. No, it was just a one-off glitch; when I re-loaded the page to check my post the image appeared.
  248. Some good cheer with linearity and primary colours
  249. Ducks at Dusk: Leica M2 and Zeiss 50mm Planar; XP2 @ EI 400.
  250. Seven Sisters
  251. Hello everyone. Some "brick & mortar" businesses seem to stay in business despite the gazillion .com sites. Here is one that for about 25 years now provides just about everything a sports person in this neck of the woods (NE Washington State) requires. Taken on a recent Walk-about. Agfa Record III, Pilot meter, 400 Delta @ 250, 510-Pyro developer and V600 scan. Enjoy, Bill
  252. We seem to be doubling up. We have two days we can leave fallow if we want.
  253. No, don't. Never mind that one day got more than one picture. But let's make sure every single day has at least one (and despite inevitable 'mishaps' also at most one. Keep something in reserve for those days that run the risk of going without.)
  254. I agree with Q.G. on this point. I think we'd rather has an extra photo from time to time rather than miss a day. In the opening entry to this
    thread I mentioned that we might sometimes end up with an extra photo. I thoroughly enjoy all the images we get every day.
  255. Kiev 88CM ; 80mm Volna 3 f/2.8 : Ilford Pan F : Ilford Perceptol
  256. <img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as2.jpg">
  257. I got July 5th covered. Here’s a shot from my Retina IIF.
  258. Braun Paxette Super II BL : 50mm Braun Color Ultralit f/2.8 : Arista EDU 100 : Pyrocat HD
  259. Hello everyone. Most older, smaller towns across the US have fantastic historical tales to tell. In 1903, Wil Baines formed a land company here in Okanogan, Wa. and it prospered. In the late 1920's he moved the business into a renovated bank and now the 5th generation of his family is doing business in Okanogan County. This photo is only the latest in a checkered history....the building remains almost untouched by time. Agfa Record III, G filter, Pilot meter, 400Delta @ 200asa, 510-Pyro @ 21m Enjoy, Bill
  260. Rick, lovely photo of the old stump. One of my favourite subjects there.
    Here's a contribution for July 8th, taken with Leica M6, 50mm Summicron, Delta 100 rated at 50
  261. La Serenissima
  262. Some junk.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/BL2_10.jpg">
  263. Pentax 67 : 75mm SMC Takumar f/4.5 : Adox CHS100 : Ilford ID11
  264. First time on this thread but it sounds like fun.
    This is Stonewall Jackson's house in Lexington, Va.
    His body rests just up the street in the cemetery.
    I believe this is the only house he ever owned.
  265. Kiev 88, Vega-12 90mm f/2.8, Rollei RPX 400
  266. I would just like to comment on the great photos so far on this thread.
    Especially like the B&W shots.
  267. LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Leica M2, 50mm Planar and Tri-X in D-76.
  268. Central Park, NYC.
  269. Pentax 6x7 : 75mm SMC Takumar f/4.5 : Kodak Tri-X : Kodak T-Max
  270. Rick--totally superb! Thanks!
  271. Thanks, Paul!
  272. I'll cover today. In my time zone it's still the 17th so here goes.
  273. And though 'still early days' i'll take the 18th proper.<br><br>Summer holidays? Where is everyone?<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/mme/images/TR158.jpg">
  274. Contax III with Russian Jupiter-9 lens, FP4+ in Beutler.
    Fishing boat in Buceo harbor, Montevideo.
  275. For July 19th at 11:20 p.m. Central Time Zone.
  276. Julio Fernandez,
    I just touched your picture on my screen and cut my finger, because it's razor sharp. Very nice tones as well. Of course post-processing might have some to do with this. John W
  277. A small one for the 20th.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/BL2_4.jpg">
  278. Olympus Wide-S
    I think i have the focus right. this was from a test strip from a mystery bulk roll. Badly under developed, but it looks like the camera is working.
  279. Penrose Tiling, Oxford[​IMG]Minolta XE-1 with 50mm f/1.4 / Kodak Color Plus 200
  280. Ah! Very nice, Howard...
  281. It’s been a rainy afternoon so I used the time to look through my archives. I found an image scanned from a print (before I simply had C41 film developed and scanned). I used Fuji Superia 400 and scanned the print on an HP flatbed scanner (don’t remember which model).
  282. <img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as8.jpg">
  283. Perfect pose Q.G.! Did you have to pay him a "sitting fee"?
  284. No, no. No sitting fee. That's why he remained standing up on all four of his feet.<br>But you have to pay for getting your question answered by posting the July 25th image. ;-)
  285. Great shot, Q.G. It all comes together here: pleasing composition, sharpness, and dramatic lighting. Thanks for sharing.
  286. Q.G.,
    I no can do on posting an image. I'm at my cottage for a week and I'm using my wife's laptop with none of my pics on it. I will be taking some shots with my Pentax 67 and will post a few when I return home. Now all I have to do is find a Swan with stripes or maybe a pig? Yours is still a great Zebra shot and I think the black-empty background makes it sing. John W
  287. Then i'll take the 25th as well with another beast.<br>This one is trying to blend in with its (unnatural) surroundings.<br><br>
    <img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as1.jpg"><br><br>No backgrounds got hurt in the making of these pictures.
  288. Zebra? Did I hear Zebra?
  289. Niagara (where else?)
  290. Praktica BX20 : 50mm Pentacon Prakticar MC f/1.8 : Fuji Superia 200 (desaturated)
  291. Beautiful work, everyone. I have not been participating (yet) but I've been enjoying the images very much.
  292. We look forward to seeing some of your images here, Louis.
  293. It's getting late... Praktica MTL5 : Vivitar Auto-Wide Angle 20mm f/3.8 : Arista EDU 100 : ID11
  294. Got July 31. (Edit) I attempted to post at 11:55 P.M. July 31st, but my computer was most uncooperative so the time stamp on the photo is the actual time it finally went in. But I was trying for the 31st.
  295. Just something to make sure the 1st of August gets a pic.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/BL2_1.jpg">
  296. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    A bit overblown on a bright and sunny day with cadets in bright white uniforms but blame me not my Minolta SRT 201 w/ Rokker-X 45mm f/2 lens using Plus-X film.
  297. Lake Superior
  298. Robin, which side of Lake Gichigami were you on? I have been on the northern Canadian side aroundBatchawana Bay and it's absolutely a photographers dream. Stunningly beautiful place, but no place to live in the winter. John W
  299. Hi John,
    This shot was taken near Two Harbors and the Split Rock Lighthouse. Stunning in June, but I'm sure you are right about the winter.
  300. Robin,
    If you ever get a chance go to the East side of Superior grab it. My wife and I would go for our anniversary every Oct. 7th and it was fantastic as the Maple leafs were turning color. Many Maples and red granite rock with beautiful round granite stones on the beaches. Not a place for B&W, but color negative and transparency film shines there. Many times there would be heavy mist/fog/snow, but it also made for some interesting shots. I've been there in January and while it's beautiful, it's also very cold too. John W
  301. Foul weather and I'm cooped up inside, playing with cameras. Here's one from an old lens, for a change, a 50mm Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Primotar E f/3.5 which I've just cleaned.
  302. Kodak No.2 Folding Pocket Brownie (Model B) with some Fomapan 100 at Bateman's (Rudyard Kipling's Contry Retreat) last weekend.

  303. Great shot of a vintage WWI plane....even has a Teddy Bear wing walker....Perhaps, just perhaps, a certain pilot is needed????? Bill
  304. Well, it's only a movie prop from "Flyboys" ;)
  305. Here's a cheat for the 6th.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/manas/images/MNS6.jpg"><br><br>Taken by a 5 or 6 year old (i forgot - long time ago) with a 'blad of mine.<br>Yes, yes. I have her permission, provided i don't name her. It is to be considered a post of her, not of me.<br>A bit of my silly postprocessing (colour, contrast. Nothing else) to hide the perfectly nice film used.<br>Et voila. Quelle surprise!
  306. London 1989
  307. A macro shot from a few years back.
  308. Bronica S2a : 200mm Nikkor P f/4 : Fujicolor 160s
  309. [​IMG]
    Testing a 5cm f/2.5 Hektor lens a few weeks ago in the Fortress City of Heusden.
    Lens is currently being repolished and calibrated by Malcolm Taylor.
  310. Hello everyone. One from a resent adventure thru the hinterlands of Washington State. Bessa I, 25A filter, 400Tmax @ 200 asa, Pilot meter, 510-Pyro developing and V600 scan. Enjoy, Bill
  311. [​IMG]
    Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel (1934), CZJ 50mm f/3.5 Tessar, Fomapan 100 (Ro9, 1+25, 6.5 Minutes)
  312. Bronica S2a : 75mm Nikkor P f/2.8 : Fujicolor 160s
  313. The figure of the Russian is actually a bottle of vodka (empty for a long time) that I picked up in Moskow. Shot with a signet 80 and fujichrome. Left the lens open in total darkness and then shot a few times with a Kodak digital from random angles for lighting. My father in law was a Russian marine in WW II and wounded from land mine with 42 wounds from a land mine leading up to the battle of Kursk. His comrades told him that he was going to die anyway and he was too heavy to carry so they left him a coat. Three days later he managed to crawl off the field and died in 2009 at the age of 92
  314. I'll cover the 14th. Here's a shot from the interior of a small diner a few miles from where I work.
  315. This is for the 15 th
  316. Gradually Going Bananas<br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/bKl1s.jpg">
  317. Leica IIIc K with Summitar, Fomapan 100 classic

  318. Montelena Tree.
  319. "What this country needs is a good 5 cent cigar"
    Kiev camera with Jupiter - 8M 2/50 lens
    Perspective limited by size of lot and positions of cars
  320. Bronica ETRs : 150mm Zenzanon MC f/3.5 : Ilford HP5 : PMK Pyro

  321. Horse Guard, Whitehall, London
  322. Okay. I've got the 21st covered.
  323. Minolta Minoltina "S" : 40mm Rokkor QF f/1.8 : Fuji Superia 200
  324. Not quite level.<br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/bl1_14.jpg">
  325. One for today
  326. Q.G. de Bakker [​IMG][​IMG], Aug 24, 2015; 02:37 p.m.

    Time is a funny thing...

    Anyhow. Another mobility thing.
  327. Thanks for getting us back on track, Q. G.
  328. No, no. Donald's subject is on tracks, Mike. Mine floats. ;-)<br>Congrats with the 333rd post in this thread, Mike. To celebrate, someone will post a picture of a festive cake (i hope... Someone? I don't think i have a festive photo at the ready.)
  329. No, no celebratory images... No fun in my life...<br>So something completely different.<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/bm07.jpg">
  330. Thanks, Q.G. Everyone who has participated has made this thread successful. I just spent some time looking at each image from day one. Nothin' fancy on the cake, now. Just a Twinkie and a leftover birthday candle will do nicely. Looking forward to more photos.
  331. My first post to the thread.
  332. I was trying for the 24th but had internet issues and my first failed attempt did not make it until 12:01 AM but yes still on
  333. Welcome to the thread, Ed. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    Donald- I feel your pain with regard to internet.
  334. Okay, here in CST it is still the 28th so I've got this date covered.
  335. For the 29th proper.<br><br>"I want to be a vulcano when i grow up!"<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/mme/images/TR051.jpg">
  336. Diax Ib : 90mm Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar f/3.5 : Ilford FP4 : PMK Pyro.
  337. Queen of Beasts
  338. Should be 80mm Summilux, of course.
  339. Testing a newly-cleaned 150mm Kaleinar f/2.8 lens mounted on the Kiev 88CM, Ilford HP5, PMK Pyro.
  340. For September 2: more from the Spotmatic F and lenses that I received recently.
  341. For September 3rd as well.
    Posted at 11:17 P.M. CST on Sept. 3, but will be stamped 12:17 A.M. for Sept. 4.
  342. For the fifth. Minolta Himatic 7S HP5
  343. <img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/mme/images/LM6.jpg">
  344. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Graflex 22 TLR, Ilford HP5, 1/125 sec @f/8
  345. One for today, Potsdam (Clackson College winter 1966) Kodak Signet 50.
  346. Praktica BX20, Pentacon Prakticar 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5, Ilford FP4. PMK Pyro. Very odd; I checked a few moments before I posted and Donald's hadn't shown up, despite being quite some time before mine. Still, better too many than too few...
  347. Have to get the forum police after one of us. Like yours better
  348. The Obsidian Aqua (OA) developer continues to keep my mind busy. It has some different features than my 510-Pyro. With the 510 I could always count on the scanning to bring up 2 or 3 more "Zones" (mostly from the shadow areas), but the OA needs a bit more TLC with placements. Lots of things to play with!
    Abandoned grain storage building in Sulvana, Wa. Agfa Record III plus G filter, 100Tmax @ 64asa, Pilot metering. 1.0 ml OA in 450 Nikor, 22min, V600 scan. Picture is a 11"x14" format crop from what might be a 12x18" print from the 6x9 neg. Enjoy, Bill
  349. Agfa Karat : Agfa Solinar 50/2.8 : Arista EDU100 : Pyrocat HD
  350. A little late, but here's one for Sept. 11.
  351. Without some fresh posters soon, i think ...
    For the 12th proper.
  352. Shot in 1976 (?), Leica M3, unknown lens, unknown development, probably Tri-X
  353. Thanks for joining our 365 day thread, Edwin. Great image. Hard to beat Tri-X.
  354. Exakta Varex IIa : 58mm CZJ Biotar f/2 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro
  355. You have touched a warm spot in my heart. I was a real railway enthusiast and still am to some extent. Nice. I have a lot of train photos but most of them are digital.
  356. I'm pleased, Donald. It's surprising just how many photographers are railway enthusiasts, often in combination with vintage aircraft and cars...
  357. In the 1970s I had friends who were art majors who took photography courses and 1 or 2 professional photographers. They had a bias against color saying it covered up a lot of poor work. (not preaching here just stating other's opinions back then). It was hard enough for me to use color so I stayed away but from B&W I really want to try B&W. Anyway this was Kodachrome in 1996 with either Signet 50 or a Pentax with a generic lens that I photo shopped to BW. South Street Seaport World Trade center in background.
  358. I get it right one of these times
  359. Nice loco shot Rick. I'm a railfan.
  360. Canon EF, Canon 100 2.8 FD BL, Vivitar 36mm ext tube, Ilford HP5
  361. Voss Diax IIb : Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar 90/3.5 : Ilford FP4 : PMK Pyro
  362. Another blast from '75-'76. Bethany Beach, Delaware.
    Leica M3, unknown lens, probably Tri-X
  363. I do not have a lucid reason, but that is incredible
  364. French village.
  365. Country graveyard.
  366. Excellent country graveyard, Robin. I half expect the shambling figure of the first zombie in the original "Night of the Living Dead" to appear stage left.
  367. Somewhere in Spain, 1975?
  368. I’ll cover today. A shot from my Konica C35 V. Fuji
    Superia 200.
  369. Slow week, eh?
  370. Just a time thing, Mike.

    Q.G. de Bakker [​IMG][​IMG], Sep 22, 2015; 02:42 p.m.
  371. Certainly a slow week for me, trapped inside by mist and rain. Tried a few flowers in B&W, here's a sample. Pentax 67, SMC Takumar 135/4, Fuji Acros, PMK Pyro.
  372. Let's get our dates back on track. I'm sorting through files on a rainy day,and found this slightly amusing image. Canon AL-1 : 50mm Canon FD f/1.8 : Fuji Superia 200
  373. Rick: I don't understand?
  374. Sorry Robin, I wondered if the photograph was a little too regional! Basically, a local farmer decided that $82 was too much to pay for a plastic mailbox, and decided to use the old fridge instead. The catchphrase "Yeah Right' is used by a NZ brewery on a series of billboards that manage to offend and amuse almost everyone, one way or another, but keep the brand's visibility high. Personally, I love 'em... Sample attached.
  375. Actually I would have put a shredder out instead.
  376. "Battle for the 11th Bridge", John S. Thompson Bridge at Grave.

    Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5, Kodak 127mm f/4.7 Ektar, Fomapan 100
  377. Thanks, Rick. I like the ads, now I understand.
  378. Spider web glue at 30-40x magnification at film plane.
    Nikon F3HP, probably velvia, unknown Macro-Nikkor
  379. Trail to Helen Hunt Jackson Falls, Colorado Springs, CO. Leica M2 and Planar; Tri-X in D-76 (two stitched images).
  380. I'll take the 27th.
  381. Voigtlander Prominent : 50mm Ultron f/2 : Ilford PanF : PMK Pyro
  382. Just got in on the last of the tutorials on children's photography and finally found this. Was just a snapshot in 1983 of my son but I do not think I can ever capture a photo like this. To me it is just real cool.
  383. Voigtlander Prominent : 50mm Ultron f/2 : Ilford PanF : PMK Pyro
  384. Sorry, Donald, once again. Something odd going on with the site, as I did check before posting. This time, I like yours better. Also, we've just gone into Daylight Saving time so I'll have to make adjustments to my US times.
  385. Happens a lot when I post too. Probably has to do with simultaneous posting. I tried some with my Voiglander and did not like my results. After seeing yours I have to try again.
    Thanks but color covers a lot and I really have to learn how to take B&W
  386. Well I'm still awake so:
    Nikon F3HP, velvia
  387. Trying my signet 80 with 75 mm lens. Trestle in Pulaski Va
  388. Contax RTS : Yashinon 50mm f/2 : Arista EDU 100 : PMK Pyro
  389. Bus by the Bank of England 1984
  390. I like your photos of NYC and Hudson. I lived in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Peekskill and actually took many similar (but not as good) shots. The others make me feel like I am still there. I also have a very similar shot like yours of the market in Seattle but it is digital.
  391. For the 3th
  392. Madeiran Sunset.
  393. Kiev 4a : 53mm Helios 103 f/1.8 ; Ilford FP4 : PMK Pyro
  394. Rolleiflex and Rolleinar 3, TriX developed in Xtol 1:1
  395. I'll cover today. One of my test photos from the Takumar 200 mm. Hope to use this lens more as soon as time permits.
  396. This one may have appeared elsewhere on PNet already,<br>but here goes (again?), to put the 8th of october to bed:<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/as/images/as11.jpg"><br><br>(Hasselblad. HP5. 250 mm Sonnar, with tube.)
  397. From a beautiful old lens, the 200mm Sankyo Kohki Komura f/3.5
  398. No one has claimed the 10th yet so I'll post one from the archives. This one is from 1975. It seems that behind one of the buildings on the campus where I attended university that the tradition of placing used chewing gum on a telephone pole sort of, well, stuck. I used my Konica Auto S2 (which I carried to class nearly every day).
  399. Here's one for the 11th - as seen on a walk in Hell's Kitchen, a door with its metal surface panel sheared off brusquely, presumably to let in some light.
    (Mamiya Six Automat II / Kodak T-Max 100)
  400. Bronica ETRs : 150mm Zenzanon MC f/3.5 : Ilford HP5 : PMK Pyro
  401. I'll cover Oct. 13. Another shot from my Spotmatic F and 200mm Takumar (which is an F4 lens, not F3.5 as I said in an earlier post).
  402. For the 14th, since it's not been taken.
  403. Devon road
  404. Fall leaf macro
  405. Well it is late enough and I am waiting inn the car while my wife cleans out the shopping mail. I have a few film shots on my IPhone so lets se how this comes out. My father was an architect and had his own office in the 50s. This was a church he designed in the 50s and photo taken in the 60s with signet 50. I have no idea how to research where this church is. Such a disappointment.
  406. Bronica ETRs : 150mm Zenzanon MC f/3.5 : Ilford HP5 Plus : PMK Pyro
  407. [​IMG]
    Rolleiflex Automat K4B, Rollei Superpan 200
  408. More bananas (see August 16th).<br><br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/bKl3s.jpg">
  409. Bronica ETRs : 150mm Zenzanon MC f/3.5 : Ilford HP5 :pMK Pyro
  410. Here's one i partially finished earlier.<br><img src="http://www.qnu.nl/foto/bl/images/BL1_2.jpg">
  411. Here's 58.44 g of table salt and 18.02 g of water.
  412. Well, must be a busy weekend since no one stepped up to take the 24th. Consider this photo a late entry for the 24th.
  413. An additional image from some recent XA-2 photos. Fuji Superia 200.
  414. Mike, what do you teach?
  415. Chemistry, Physics, Biology. The NMR lab is not at my school though. I teach at a small Christian school.
  416. Where is everyone this weekend? I was hoping the superconducting electromagnets (chilled with liquid helium) in my last image might "attract" some posters. ;)
    I'll hold off on posting unless no one posts by midnight eastern time. Thanks, btw, to all who have helped keep this thread going with their excellent images.
    BTW, the NMR lab is safe as long one stays outside the yellow chains. Inside that area the magnets will erase credit card data and wipe sim cards.
  417. Exakta Varex IIb, 50mm CZJ Pancolar f/2, Ilford FP4, PMK Pyro
  418. Something for the 25th
    After my WTF moment on classic weekend I am gun shy but here is a shot from my Paxette I believe A tree after a lightning strike..
  419. Rick, it is not just you, this time I posted right behind you but at least it will keep Mike happy.
  420. Thanks, Rick and Donald. Yes, I'm happy. Not only because we've got pictures for today, but for the continued high quality and variety of images posted.