$900 for this Rodenstock Helical Focus Mount? You're Crazy Funny

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  1. I am putting together a Silvestri T30 system - a beautiful camera system made in Florence, Italy. http://www.silvestricamera.it/eng/prodotti_eng/t30_eng/t30_eng.htm that allows for shift and accurate focusing of ultra wide angle lenses.

    This system uses Schneider or Rodenstock large format lenses mounted in their respective manufacturer's helical focus mount, finally attached to a Silvestri proprietary bayonet mount which all attaches to T30 body.

    I hit a major roadblock: Apparent price gouging:

    B&H quoted me a price of 900$ for this 4.4 ounce piece of brass, aluminum, and plastic known as the Rodenstock Helical mount for their LF lenses. (see attached photo).

    Thankfully B&H did sell me the Rodenstock helical mount for the 55 Grandagon for a more reasonable price of $320 - I suspect only because it was already listed on their web site for $320. They did not have it in stock, so they special ordered it for me at this price.

    BUT, the almost identical helical mounts for the 35, 45, 65, etc were NOT listed on B&H web site.

    SO, I inquired with B&H about purchasing them.

    Here's B&H's reply:
    Hello Andre Noble, my name is Daniel W:

    Thank you for contacting the E-Mail Sales Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio.
    As per our buyer, we can special order, non cancellable at $900 each.
    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

    Thank you, we appreciate your business.

    Daniel W
    B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
    The Professional's Source.
    E-Mail Sales Department

    "Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

    "Yeah, you can assist me - please tell me who's price gouging, B&H, HP marketing??, Rodenstock, Henry W?
  2. Low production items can be expensive. Few sales to spread the development costs over.
    Schneider also makes focusing mounts.
  3. One reason for the price is towards the bottom of your picture. If it was made in China, it would be a lot cheaper. Most likely a bit rougher as well and the distance scale could be off a bit. A few years ago I bought a complete 4x5 camera, quite similar to your model, Chinese made with a focusing mount, for quite a lot less than your price for just the Rodenstock helical.
  4. Well, you've decided to build a fine Silvestri system. This is a precision instrument like an Arca Swiss, Linhof, Gottschalt, Cambo, Alpa, Plaubel, etc.
    If you compare prices for the systems from the above mentioned manufacturers, you'll notice there is hardly any difference.
    Precision tools made in Europe can't be traded for cents...
  5. Ikka, that was funny. Yes that's a plastic Peak loupe at bottom of picture. Don't know if its made in China though. Does the job. But I also use Rodenstock and Pentax loupe :)

    To the upper right is the best vacuum cleaner I ever owned. A $80 Hoover purchased recently from Home Depot. Made in China.
  6. One reason for the price is towards the bottom of your picture​
    I think Ilkka is referring to the "made in Germany" located on the bottom of the box.

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