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  1. Are these quality products? How do they compare to what you are used to using regarding construction and results?
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    From what I have read on the L-Camera Forum by owners (I'm not one), their construction generally seems good but not up to Leica's standards. Nevertheless, in some cases the overall construction and "feel" was deemed very good. Will they hold up for 50 years---well that remains to be seen. As far as performance goes, it really depends on specifically what lens you are comparing each lens to. Some have been lauded as very closely matching their counterparts' (same lens formula/design tweaked here and there) performance, and from a price standpoint make them very attractive, just as some of the Cosina-Voigtlanders are. So it really depends. I suggest you go to the L-Camera Forum and look for evaluations for specific lenses.
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    There have been several threads on these posted here, though I can't recall the OP amd they don't come up on a site search. If you search 7 Artisan Lens Reviews on line, you will find a lot. Have been very tempted by the 35mm since my old Leica lens has fungus damage, and by the 1.1 since that is just crazy. Haven't given in to the urge yet.
  4. I recently acquired a 50mm for use on my monochrom and type 246. It is reasonably well constructed; a bit soft wide open, but cleans up after about f2. It is prone to flare. The clickless f stops are a bit of a bug bear. I had to adjust the focus using the supplied screwdriver and focus chart, and while it is now accurate at close focus, it no longer infinity focusses. I use an evf to ensure focussing is reasonably accurate. I'm toying with getting the 35mm, but will probably wait a bit (the Aussie dollar has recently collapsed). Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
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  5. So, a few shots with the 7artisans 50mm lens - done with a monochrom, from recollection (holiday shots; just back from Tasmania). And not fully open, but around f 2. The shots have been tricked up in lightroom. Ambient light; no flash; ramped up ISO. The first, my spouse (I suspect this is more around 2.8 - 4); the second and third, barflies at a pub we stopped for lunch on the west coast. They are, I think, passably good. I've been impressed with its output of the 7artisans lens. But I think I'll wait for the aussie dollar to recover before embarking on the purchase of the 35 mm. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
    MONO1388.jpg 7Artisans 2.jpg 7artisans1.jpg
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  6. Sandy.

    They are not Leica, Voigtlander, or Fuji lenses.

    But they are very good....expectable. Lots of bang for your buck and they will put a smile on your face..

    And to repeat they will put a smile on your face and pocket/
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  7. Artisan 25mm Fuji fit.

    Warning strong backlight/side light they will seriously flare they are not multi coated.

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