65 Years Ago - March 1952

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  2. Thanks, Marc, a great read on a rainy morning. I don't know about the wisdom of concealing your camera in a pet crate for taking covert pictures, in this day and age!
  3. Here in the states I think you would be arrested by homeland security and questioned thoroughly.:D
  4. Great post, Marc. The hidden camera article was interesting. Ironic that today it's much easier to conceal and operate a camera, especially digital. But detection is much easier too. Enjoyed the other articles as well. Thanks again.
  5. Mike - One of the great things about using a cellphone camera is that no one thinks you are taking a picture of them. They think you are taking a selfie.
  6. Another great post! The hidden camera article made me remember the movie "Z" by Costa-Gavras, where a photo reporter hides a Nikon in his camera bag and keeps shooting with the motor drive and a hidden cable release,

    Please keep them coming!

  7. and how!... Thanks
  8. Once again, many thanks for the time capsules.

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