60 Years Ago - July 1955

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  1. Welcome to July 1955. The big news this month is the introduction of a fast color film, Anscochrome.
  2. Here is an article on the B&W developer Microphen.
  3. Fujinon just came out with their 35mm f/2.0. Let's take a look.
  4. Exakta owner got the good news of two new auto lenses for their SLRs.
  5. Can you hold your camera steady? This article shows how with a different types of cameras.
  6. Let's look at What's Ahead.
  7. Here is this month's Tools & Techniques column.
  8. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.
  9. Here are this month's dealer ads.
  10. That is it for July 1955. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
  11. I wish it was 1955. I wouldn't mind starting over.
  12. Nice look back. I didn't realize that Microphen had been around for so long. Thanks.
  13. "Twenty percent of all Schneider employees work at quality-control jobs" Burleigh Brooks Conference
    This Tools & Techniques column that mentioned the Rollei effort was really an eye-opener...
    Thanks Marc !
  14. I'm exhausted! I used both Promicrol and Microphen for years, and after that very comprehensive article I know quite a bit more about them than I did back then. Thanks, Marc; another great read.
  15. Marc, thanks for posting, but did you notice that your copies are much out of focus and thus unreadable? Are you copying the pages with an autofocus digital camera? Perhaps the latter function is not working well and manual focus would be better.
  16. Thanks for posting these, Marc. One of the main reasons I keep coming to this forum.
  17. Arthur,
    These are scanned with a flatbed scanner. Which images are out of focus.
    Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

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