55 Years Ago - May 1961

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  1. The big question for photographers in May 1961 was whether Kodak had messed up their beloved Kodachrome film.
    Modern Photography takes a look at the new Kodachrome II film.
  2. Do the new exposure meters with Cadmium Sulfide cells really match the hype?
  3. A new film from Polaroid gives you a print in 15 seconds and a negative for later use.
  4. Do you think testing a lens is an easy job? This article discusses the problems involved.
  5. Bennett Sherman has some crazy ideas about electronic cameras in his Techniques Tomorrow column.
  6. Herb Keppler looks at attaching RF camera lenses to a reflex camera.
  7. Here is the New Products column. I had never heard of the first camera.
  8. Here are this month's Modern Tests.
  9. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.
  10. Here are this month's dealer ads.
  11. Danke schön.
    I remember the switch to KII. While I liked the later Kodachrome 25 better, II had its points.
    The Periflex Keppler talks about in his column was, IMHO, sort of like the optical viewfinder on some SLRs -- sounded better than its actual utility justified.
  12. JDM - I remember the switch to K 25. It seems like there were some initial problems that caused some angst among the purists.
    I thought from reading Keppler column that the Periflex was a new idea. I see now that the camera first came out in 1953 and that production ceased in 1961, the year of the column.
  13. Some nice articles offering a glimpse of what was cutting edge in its day. Especially enjoyed the Kodachrome article and
    the Polaroid article. Thanks.
  14. I certainly never heard of the Graphic CO2 powered camera. My experience with CO2 cartridges suggests that it was almost certainly a terrible idea. I wonder how many of them exist?
  15. Mike - I have never seen such trepidation over testing a film as I did with this Kodachrome II test.
    Matthew - I am going to look closely for ads for this camera.
  16. Yes, the Jet-O-Matic, got to have one of those! Thanks again Marc.
  17. Thanks, Marc. I well remember the excitement when the Polaroid PosNeg film appeared, but somehow it never really caught on, mainly due to cost constraints, I suspect.
  18. Rick - I know a number of large format photographer, including myself, that thought it was worth it. It did put a dent in your budget.
  19. Another great window into the past. I remember my father worrying about Kodachrome II.
    As for the Polaroid negatives, it is an interesting evolutive dead branch. Thrilling, but it was not designed for "snapshooters or the fumble fingered set". Therefore it died young.
    The Electric-Eye Canonet is featured as a new product, along with the Periflex. Times were a-changing.
    Those Miranda ads are priceless.

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