50 year old b & w 2" x 2" negatives

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  1. I have several 30 to 50 year old 2" x 2" black and white negatives that I
    want to have printed. I have read the suggestions from many of your subscribers
    as to how to develop them myself. I am now 73 years old with no experience in
    photograph developing and hesitate to tackle such a task. I would apprecite
    hearing from anyone who might be interested in printing these for me. I am
    willing to pay the current fee for such a service. Thank you, Mary Ann Badar
  2. If you are close to any photography store that caters to students still shooting film, they can probably either print themselves, or point you to a local hobbyist/student who can print these for you. If they are 2.25 inches as I suppose they may be, then contact prints at the least could be made even if the printers do not have a larger format enlarger.

    Others will no doubt point you to some commercial operations that still do what is usually called "medium format" film.
  3. Any professional photo store should be able to do it or tell you who can in your local area. Wedding photographers still stoot quite a bot of medium format film. Any lab that works with wedding photographers should be able to handle it.
  4. Mary,
    I going to email you some other things to this item.
  5. these negatives are most likely from 12 exp 127 film which is 46mm, just short of 2 inches wide. Since most older photographs were not "cropped closely" as the viewfinder was inexact. a 35mm only enlarger will do 38mm square as your negatives are 38mm square. 35mm is 24x36 ( about 1" x 1 1/2") 127 film if that's what it is is 1 5.8" square. So a 35mm only enlarger
    would work to make enlargements with only a little cropping.

    they could be from a camera that used 620 or 120 film. in that case a "medium format" enlarger is required. but many hobbyists would have such equipment
    You could try looking up a camera club or ask the local librarian or historical society if there is such a group or such a person near you.

    Printing your own is do-able of course, but shipping charges on a used enlarger can be costly. and it's most likely better to have someone do it for you.
  6. I think she's probably not watching for answers, guys. She dropped in with a "here's my question and here's my email address" post. At age 73, I'm guessing it was probably a drop-and-run invite, and the only way she'll see an answer is if you email it to her directly.

  7. It is not clear from the post that the negatives are developed. Her second sentence refers to development. If they are developed, why not just get good prints from good scans? Which again makes me believe that the negs might need developing.
  8. Even walmart will print med format....they send it out, not in store processing. Its real cheap, about 3 to 4 days, they do a okay job.If the negs are good and you need better prints, just give the negs to a pro lab....simple.
  9. Thanks to all of you for your answers. I will contact my Walmart and the photographer who did our children's wedding pictures.
  10. pje


    Check out this website. The guy develops old film. His thing is processing film found in old cameras but I'm sure he'd help you out.

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