365 Day Thread for 2018

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  1. For the 6th. Nicca 3f & J-12 35mm on FOMA 400. Dev. Treehouse Honolulu.

  2. Hello everyone. I am going to "Piggy Back" on Tony's mural work. Several weeks ago we meet down in my fav Kakaako District of Honolulu (just below Treehouse), had a coffee & took off for a "Photo Walk About". . . we walked into a typhoon & ended up soaked & had lunch (without 2k18-015-DSCF9555 ces13.JPG a beer!) before parting. Several days later I ventured back with some Fuji 200 in my Red Fed-2 / Jupiter-8 for this mural. I know Tony has some more murals from that short outing. Aloha, Bill
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  3. If we count Bill's photo for the 7th, then this photo could be for the 8th.
    hidden cell phone tower, Konica Auto S 1.6, Kentmere 100
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  4. For the 9th. Kodak Medalist : 100mm Kodak Ektar f/3.5 : Ilford HP5 Plus : PMK Pyro

    Old Man Pine.jpg
  5. For the 10th.
    old library (now Growth Alliance Building) from parking lot of new library, Konica Auto S1.6, Kentmere 100
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  6. Huh. Never seen anything like that. Around Phoenix, they disguise the towers as not-at-all-convincing trees. If you actually look at them, it's clear as day that they're not real trees, but they actually do sort of fade into the background if you're not really paying attention to them.
  7. For the 11th. F2AS, Nikkor PC 35mm, Eastman Double X, Xtol/Rodinal.
  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    For the 12th. Honeywell Pentax ES II, SMC Takumar 55/1.8, Kodak UltraMax 400.

    Trade Winds, Pentax ES II SMC Takumar 55 1.8.jpg

    Trade Winds
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  9. Hello everyone. I spent some time this Saturday at a local (Waimanalo) event sponsored by a Charter School that put's emphasis on Hawaiian Culture in it's day-to-day teaching. Here is one (of many) shot of a friend teaching a newer group of students...
    2k18-021-106 ces5 bc 4x6.jpg

    the Art of rendering Taro roots into the Hawaiian staple of Poi. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Kentmere 400, Obsidian Aqua & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  10. For the 14th: The ones that are more or less circular are for pi Day.
    5222 tinted in post processing, 50mm macro
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  11. For the 15th. From the day in Honolulu with Bill Bowes. Photography washed out with a deluge. We lunched in a Korean Restaurant to escape the rain and I can confirm Bill's claim that we did not have a beer. They don't sell it !!!!
    Here's a wall mural near Treehouse, not up to Bill's standard, but O.K. for me. Canon P & Canon 50/1.8 on HP5, dev. in Pyro HD.

    WALL MURAL (Thanks to Tran Nguyen)

  12. Not to take anything away from Bill, but I really like this, both the mural and the shot. I'm not quite sure what story the mural is telling, but it's very well executed (allowing for some strange perspective).
  13. Thank you Dave. Even after taking the shot, I'm still baffled!
  14. For Friday, the 16th. Portland, OR. Mamiya C330, TMAX400 (TMY-2), Rodinal Semi-stand.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  15. For the 17th.
    something cool, Minolta XE-5, Celtic 50mm f3.5 Macro, HP5+
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  16. Nice job emphasizing the tips of the poles. They make the shot, for me.
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  17. No takers for the 18th?
    From way back (1978) A shot from my Konica Auto S2.
    time exposure on Kodachrome 64
  18. Thanks Dave - much appreciated. The wind was blowing so I had to brace myself on the edge of the bridge. It was cold!
  19. One for the 19th. Konica SII, 48mm Hexanon f/2, Arista EDU Ultra 100, PMK Pyro.



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  20. For the 20th, testing out some FP4+, 4x5 in D-76 1:1. Tacoma Narrows from Titlow Beach.

    Narrows Wide Smaller.jpg

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