365 Day Thread for 2018

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Andrew, love the Delta Queen photo.
    I’ve told the story before, but when I was a kid, Dad and I saw the Delta Queen, well lit, going up the Mississippi one night from a sandbar we had reached by canoe, across the river, to camp. The calliope woke us up.
    That was around ‘69 or ‘70.
    A memory for the rest of my life.
  2. I took that photo sometime in March of 2010. They were the last of the riverboat steamers as opposed to modern diesels.

    In above photo the two were tied up in Algiers near the Bollinger drydock - with their calliopes eerily silent.
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  3. We seem to have missed the 6th so here's a photo.
    upload_2018-11-7_17-13-44.jpeg \
    Late afternoon trees at Ivy Village, Minolta SRT 101, MD 35-70, Ilford HP5+
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  4. Fine image of the trees, Mike. Here's one to bring us up to the 7th. Agfa Ambi Silette : 50mm Solinar f/2.8 : Ilford FP4 Plus : PMK Pyro



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  5. Thanks, Rick. I had stopped at a store on the way home from work yesterday and liked the way the trees looked in the late afternoon sun.
    Great shot for the 7th, Rick. Lots of detail.
  6. This one is for yesterday, the 8th of Nov. - Lunch time on 21st Street, part 2 -

    Kodak Retina II - Heligon 50/2 - Ilford Super XP 2 - with a little camera shake.
  7. Eye contact makes that one work.
  8. Thanks - most folks will glance away.
  9. Finally have a couple of photos to share.
    For the 9th


    Canon P 50 mm f2.8 Retropan 320
  10. For the 10th another kitty photo
    Hermione from a few years back, Pentax Spotmatic F with Takumar 105mm f 2.8, flash, Kentmere 100
  11. Looks more like Hairy Plotter to me.....
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  12. What's better than one cat in a photo? Why two of course.
    Pearl and Hermione in bathroom window, TMX 100 in Rodinal (as I recall)
  13. 10th How about a dog and two kids - Pentax KM TriX

    Kids Pipe 1a copy.jpg
  14. 10th, I posted this in Rick Drawbridge's thread "Vintage Air". I'm posting it in here now with the plane (next image) that made this windswept trail

    Sky Trail cropped 1a copy.jpg
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  15. 11th, The plane is a modified Yakovlev 3, a successful racer at Reno air races in the USA. It was difficult to keep this Speedy Gonzales in the viewfinder while it was flying, with the lens zoomed - Camera, Digital Canon 960 IS

    Yak 1b copy 2.jpg
  16. I know the weekly threads seem to get most of the praise, but I'm impressed with what I've been seeing on the 365 day thread as well.
  17. Love that Yak, kmac! Just to continue the aviation theme, here's one for the 13th. This was taken a couple of years ago at one or our airshows, the camera was a Minolta SRT 101 fitted with the 135mm MC Tele Rokkor - QD f/3.5. and the film was Fuji Superia 200.


  18. I was fascinated by that plane when I was a kid. Built a plastic model of it painted black. Great to see people maintaining such wonderful history.
    I remember it’s designation as “PBY” a night patrol bomber.
    I remember thinking how cool those gunner bubbles were.
  19. Firstly, beautiful shot of the Catalina Rick. I reckon you caught those propellers just right

    Here's a black PBY Moving on. In this shot I wanted to include the people around it, they were just a few of the total 20,000 at the airshow. I paid my $5 to climb the rear ladder and make my way through plane. A half dozen inquisitive children occupied the bubbles already. When I finally reached the section just behind the cockpit, I had room to make a short movie of the interior, revolving around 360 degrees. Entering the cockpit was forbidden

    Catalina 1 copy.jpg

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