1953 Cameras for Still Photography

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  1. This article is from the November 1953 issue of US Camera magazine.

    Cameras 1 sm 2
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  2. From Popular Photography we have Birth of a Flashbulb.

    Birth 1 sm 2
  3. From Modern Photography we have Color in Your Darkroom.

    Color 1 sm 2
  4. Here is this month's What's Ahead column.

    WA 1 sm 2
  5. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

    Aires 1 sm 2
  6. Here are this month's dealer ads.

    AC 1 sm 2
  7. Thanks for sharing. The color article was especially interesting.
  8. Yikes - that Ractaflex rotor looks about as ridiculous as it gets.
  9. Hey I have 3 of those cameras and have used 4 more, even though they were before my time! And one of them, the Konica I was my first camera (given to me by my Dad). Thanks for the post. Love looking through these old ads.
  10. Thanks Marc! What a list of 1953 cameras, full of classics and also a few that I had never heard of before.

    The Victorian travelogue is an intriguing article. Canon was coming in fast after the Korean war.
  11. My father had an Exacta VX.
    I wish I had it.
  12. Thanks, Marc, another great edition. Hard to believe that 65 years have passed. The Victorian Travelogue was charming, and the camera list full of old friends.

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