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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by pge, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Do you remember prior to the D600 release that a $1500 FF camera was rumored? But then the D600 was released at around the $2000 mark, squashing those rumors.

    I just got an email from Nikon today offering a D600 with the 24-85mm for $1999.95, so there it is, a FF camera for $1500. Personally I am not in the market for a new camera but still this price does make me pause.

  2. Have a look here and help Shun get the egg off his face:
    $200 off the D800, along with the D600 bundle discount, from B&H and Adorama.
    Limited time offer.
  3. I'd certainly jump on a $1500 FF DSLR but the bundle? Don't need the lens and doubt it'd sell for a normal price on eBay once the glut hits!
  4. err, not sure that means I can buy a FX DSLR body for $1500.....:-( It's still $2000 with a 'free' lens..
    I don't want yet another lens, I want an FX body!
    EDIT. and of course if I got the bundle and sold the lens, there's no warranty to the new buyer even if the box is sealed....
  5. Considering this is a two day offer, and the lens included may not be one wanted by most who already have gear, it is not much of a deal (still better than nothing). I think Shun is in good shape!
    $200 off a D800? Refurbs are still the best bet at the moment, still many hundreds less than even the two day special price. Cameta has some great deals on ebay (and has for a while) even on the D800e with one year warranty (Cameta warranty, not Nikon).
  6. I agree with all of you guys. I really don't need another lens and Nikon should just sell the body only at least for $1,600. My wife would probably have a better understanding why I should spend $1,600 instead of $2,000 on another body. :D
  7. I doubt an eBay glut sufficient to make the lens go much under $500 will hit. Buy the kit, list the lens as a buy-it-now for $499 and it will sell (you might have to wait a couple of weeks) and you'll have you $1500 camera.
  8. I got this email and for a second thought it was the 24-70 F/2.8 I very nearly spilt my coffee over my $2000 laptop, that's the kind of thing that would happen to me with the deal of the century came along.
  9. Ho Ho, So how does coffee know where the Buy-it-NOW button is on screen and stop your cursor quite reaching it as the number remaining for sale slowly goes down.....to zero? Spooky or what..:)
  10. I was considering selling some of my
    gear to get the d600 with the kit and
    keep the 50mm and 35mm for the
    Sell some lens and flash and Get the
    24-70 2.8 with the D7000

    Some of my gear :
    Nikon D7000
    Nikon 50mm 1.8D
    Nikon 35mm 1.8g
    Nikon 70-300mm f4.5-5.6G VR
    Nikon SB-800

    Sigma 150mm 2.8 EX APG DG HSM
    Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM

    I really don't use the 70-300 as much
    Hardly use the sb-800 unless I need to
    The 150 I don't do as much macro as I
    wanted but its an awesome lens for
    portraits Candids and some
    The sigma 10-20 is my favorite for land
    and city scapes

    Would the kit make sense for me or
    should I just get the 24-70 2.8

    Most of my work is scapes, studio work
    with strobes, cars and some pets.

    This upcoming year I want to
    photograph our newborn and puppies
    with studio flash mostly.

    For major gigs i usually rent additional
    gear to be safe (lens and camera)

    What do you guys suggest
  11. Considering this is a two day offer​
    Not according to the email I received from Nikon, at the Nikon Store the "Offer [is] valid December 14, 2012 at 12:00 A.M. ET until December 29, 2012 at 11:59 P.M. ET". It's two days only for the additional free bag and the next-day free air shipping: Offer valid December 14, 2012 at 12:00 A.M. ET until December 16, 2012 at 11:59 P.M. ET
    I don't think it'll be easy to sell that 24-85 for $499 - considering that it doesn't come with a warranty anymore because Nikon's warranty doesn't transfer to second owners. This is very good deal only to those who considered the kit purchase anyway - for them, the 24-85 is now a free throw-in. Alas, a $1500 FF body this is not.
  12. Jesus, the Sigma DC lens isn't so good on FX and the 35mm DX isn't either - on my D800 it's not even very good at 1.2 crop. I'd ditch those if you go to FX And I wouldn't sell the SB800 unless you don't use it because you have other studio lighting. The kit lens would do for general use and be decent for landscapes when stopped down but you might want something else for long term if you shoot very wide. Consider the Tokina 16-28. You might want an 85mm f/1.8G if you like the 50mm on DX. You also might keep the D7000 for your backup and not have to rent bodies - it doesn't sell for that much, and you'd make up the difference after a few gigs.
    If you price it all out, it may or may not make sense to you.
  13. May not be as good a deal as it sounds. Has Nikon fixed the sensor dust problem with the D600? Or are they just unloading their remaining D600 stock with sensor dust problem?
  14. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    IMO, the D600 "sensor dust problem" is nothing more than an internet exaggeration. Every DSLR I have ever used has similar dust "problem." It could be a little worse on the D600, but it certainly wouldn't stop me from buying a D600.
    I thought the D600 was a bargain at $2100. Now it is more like $1600 to $1700, it is clealry an excellent deal. The problem is that if you don't want the 24-85mm AF-S VR, it is going to be difficult to sell it at a good price as I am sure the used market will be flooded with them.
  15. In 2001 my Kodak DC280, a whopping 2 MP P&S camera, cost $450. Today I can buy a 14 MP P&S for $39. I'm holding out for the sub thousand dollar FF DSLR from NIKON. I'd think in 2-5 years it will be possible?
  16. pge


    Steve, imagine all the photos you are going to miss in the next 2-5 years.

    Shun, anyone who sells a brand new (yes without a warranty) 24-85mm AFS VR for $300-400 just isn't trying very hard.
  17. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Shun, anyone who sells a brand new (yes without a warranty) 24-85mm AFS VR for $300-400 just isn't trying very hard.​
    Phil, you can buy a brand new 24-85mm AF-S VR from B&H for less than $600, with Nikon USA warranty, ability to exchange if found defective, and 2% back from B&H.
    When you buy it used from an individual, regardless of how little usage the lens has had, you lose the ability to exchange, etc. on top of the warranty. I would at least take 20% off $600. Now with a completely predictable flood of those lenses coming to the used market from those who get the D600 deal but don't want the lens, $400 is a realistic price for it. $300 is a bit low, but it is all about supply and demand.
  18. Jesus - I actively bought the 150mm Sigma for my D800, since my 80-200 doesn't really keep up. Bear in mind it's got a wider field of view on the D800 than D7000, arguably making it more portrait-friendly. I'd have it with me now if it hadn't broken (still with Sigma). What Andy L said about the DX/DC lenses (35mm and wide Sigma). The 70-300 is probably useful - I'm tempted to get one myself, though I'm still torn about getting a 300mm prime instead. At anything near full aperture the corners on my 50 f/1.8 D are so bad on a D800 that I immediately bought the G version; I suspect they still look iffy on the D600. I've never bought into mid-range zooms, although I admit my 28-200 street sweeper is no longer looking as miraculous on the D800 as it did on the D700. Good luck with whatever you get.
  19. pge


    When the flood hits maybe I will buy one. A nice light alternative to a f2.8 zoom, a very useful zoom range and VR.
  20. It would be a good deal if the lens is something the person wants. I'm holding out for a sub $1,000 dSLR too new or used. But I'm probably only get when my D70 breakdown. Mainly off a tripod, only print the odd print above 13x19, one done and a few more to do at 24x36.
  21. Edit - have more impt things first even if I have the funds alloc. to photog. 2x big strobes for real quality lights. A macro and a fisheye and of course when given an option, the overseas trip for photog opportunities always gets the first nodd. ;-) Like some of those kung fu towns in Chinn, Tibet, India, Banff, Peru, the list goes on ......
  22. Thanks for the advice on my question.

    I have decided on not purchasing this camera since I will spending more time doing flash photography on the studio and ill will stick with the D7000 for now
    since it does 1/250 compared 1/200 on d600. My next purchase will probably be a 24-70 2.8
    The d800 refurb looks tempting but the huge digital files is a a bit too high since I'm a photo hoarder.

    The deal is great but fx will have to wait for me at least with this camera.

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