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  1. I really like this photo! if you don't think it's artistic, keep working w/ it, but I rate it very high in orginality. I haven't seen much like it.

    Was this hand held? If so try using a trypod, so that you can balance the camera better. Also the window frame is obviously tilted, and this detracts from the overall image. All in all though, I love the idea! I'd suggest shooting more like it to try and improve on it.


    I would have liked to see it taken from a higher angle, so that the background wicker is throughout the picture. Also it might be just me, but I really dislike pictures which are so large that I have to scroll around to see it all. I don't think I have a real small screen either. I would recommend uploading a slightly smaller picture next time. All in all, good first photo.
  2. Should this be cropped on the right side, or top? If so, where do

    you think is best? Also, what is the mood captured here? Is it as I

    captioned, that this is a child in awe at seeing this polar bear a

    few feet away?

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