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Gary bouldering at Heuco Tanks

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I might crop up to a third off the right side, but the V-shape made by the rock face and the tree line is really nice, and beautifully echoed in the clouds...i definitely wouldn't crop too much, losing the V and putting the climber right in the middle--yikes! i also wouldn't crop so much as to go past square and over into vertical...i think it would look hackneyed and like a slick glossy in a climber's mag. other than cropping a little off the right if you wanted to, i wouldn't mess with it too much--i think you had the right idea when you took it. good luck!
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I am no expert but if I were taking this picture, I would make some changes...

#1 you are trying to depict a climber on a rock, which has an intrensic element of danger, currently the climber looks to be a few feet off the ground, thats not necessarily the case, but thats the perception. You need to shoot from a lower perspective, that way the climber seems to be higher up, and your sense of tension is restored. #2 the trees in the background are somewhat distracting. This is a shadow of a climber, he is supposed to be isolated... so isolate him. The sky is a nice touch, but the other elements detract from it. #3 the climber and foreground seems a bit fuzzy,it ought to be somewhat more crisp. In the perfect situation, I would have a vertical picture of the climber, on the rock, shot from a low perspective. The rock would cover the left third of the photo and the climber would be about 1/3 of the way down from the top.Also the climber would be slightly smaller to show his small size in relation to the mountain. The foregound would be much clearer and there would be little or no background clutter, mostly sky. Thats my 2 cents, I hope you can use some of what I have said. Overall its a good photo, it just needs some cleaning up.

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Nice pic Jonathan... but then I'm a climber so I'm probaby biased.

If Gary had scooted his butt a little further up the rock and I think the shot would have looked a little better.. maybe there aren't any holds... I don't know, I haven't been down to Hueco yet.

Keep up the good and work and drop by my portfolio for a visit.. I have a couple climbing pics up.

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