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  1. Sir, It sounds like you have already done some troubleshooting and ruled out some possibilities. One thing to check is the foam seals around the film back, as these can deteriorate over time and let light in. It's also possible that there is a crack or gap somewhere in the camera body that is letting in light. If you haven't already, try replacing the foam seals around the film back and see if that helps. You can find replacement foam seals online or at a camera repair shop. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may need to have a professional camera repair technician take a look at it. In general, when troubleshooting camera issues, it's helpful to look for patterns in the images you're getting. If the light leak is consistently in the same spot, that can help narrow down where the problem might be coming from. Also, make sure you're using a consistent method for loading and unloading the film back, as any variations in how you do this can potentially introduce light leaks.
  2. Great news, the camera is still broken but we can NFT all those old pictures on the ethereum blockchain (not solana or tezos because yeah) and we can make a fortune and fix that broken hasselhoff finally.
  3. im alive guyz from that scare last jan (it was just the covids). hope that camera is fixed by now. i found a similar one in goodwill but i got kicked out because i forgot my mask.
  4. hi jim. 2018 was one heck of a ride in space. i came back and my bitcoin was worth a lot less. good thing i have all these mars rocks. im glad you sat tight. see you in 2020
  5. Heading out to Mars in my red Tesla to look for your answer. Sit tight, Jim. Love, Elon
  6. <p>Just got back from the moon. Nothing but sargento.<br> Still looking for your answer. Going to check webcrawler.<br> As they say in germany. sit tight. Große enge Hintern</p>
  7. <p>Did you know there are 12 Hassleblad cameras left on the surface of the moon?<br /> .....<br /> brb going to the moon to become a millionaire</p> <p>but jim, sit tight. </p>
  8. <p>Sit tight Jim. Still looking. Maybe next year.</p>
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