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  1. Monster Hit at Te Marua, Family Speedway in Upper Hutt Wellington New

    Zealand 25 April 2002


    It was awesome to say the least.

    One photographer from the evening post Maartin Holl and myself were

    the only photographers and they allowed us inside the track.

    It was fun and made my day, no month or maybe year!

    Bubble Sunset


    Thank you all for the wonderful ratings and comments. I got the idea from a friend of mine and here is what I have done. This is nothing but a double exposure using a digital camera and Photoshop.


    The first photo was a soap bubble with the following setting used:


    Exposure time 1/100 s

    F-number 2.2

    Max. aperture value 1.6

    Metering mode Spot

    Focal length 50 mm Nikon F1.8 Fixed Lens


    The second photo of the sunset:


    Exposure time 1/2 s

    F-number 32

    Exposure program Aperture priority

    Max. aperture value 4

    Metering mode Spot

    Focal length 280 mm


    I then cropped the sunset and placed it over the soap bubble in Photoshop using layers and a transparency setting of around 50%. That was all and took me five minutes to apply this idea.


    Kind regards





    Focal length 420 mm, add 1.5 TC for the Nikon D1Xs CCD and you have



    I think the little under exposure was due to the sun reflecting

    from the sail and the camera being on SPOT metering. This closed the

    lens a little although the shutter still went on 1/3000 which again

    shows how FAST the water was travelling in the air!


    Believe me I was BLOWN around myself and had to sit down using a


  2. Kapiti Island Nature Reserve, Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve on

    the adjacent mainland shore and the Kapiti Marine Reserve linking the

    two, form a rare and special part of New Zealand. Together they

    create a very rare continuum of protected land, sea and estuary

    habitats. Kapiti Island is some 30 kilometres north of Wellington



    For those interested in birds, Kapiti Island offers some special

    experiences. During the early and late summer months the Kaka, the

    bush parrot, frequents the area. They are close relatives of the

    South Island mountain parrot, the Kea, and, as with the Kea, their

    numbers in the wild are declining. A feeding station near the

    ranger's house on the island enables visitors to observe Kaka at

    close quarters. Birds will often land on visitors' heads and


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