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    Dancing Girl


    1) What I like about the photo:

    Good image and expression. I like people photos and capturing "the moment" is an art. Nice backlighting and DOF.


    2) What I don't like:

    Hand / elbow cropped out. Photo 101 mistake right there.


    3) Worthy of POW?

    Absolutely. Capturing the right expression in a candid certainly equals a three hour set up to capture the right lighting on a stationary object and certainly beats having the luxury of an "undo" feature in Photoshop.


    Don't let the Ansel Adams disciples persuade you, keep picking ones like these.

  1. First, I must say I strongly believe you know your photos better than anyone on here. If you like it - that's really all that matters.


    That being said, I do like the picture very much. They look like friends, warm and inviting, looking into the light. If they were mine, I would also feel that connection with them - somethnig no one but you has experienced.


    My Son

    Great picture, except - and I always have this problem - you cut the feet off. I don't mind the centered position, but you need to keep in the feet and a small portion of the ground (dock) in front.
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