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  1. <p>Don't touch the Vito III!<br> You can find vintage camera with 35mm lense.<br> The Voigtlander Prominent is one on them but as beautifully made than with awfull eronomy!<br> I suggest you to look for a Vitessa T (the last models with changeable lenses, not the fabulous "barndoor" earlier version) with a lens Skoparet 35/3.4. Other possibility, the nice Kodak Retina (rangefinder) IIIS that can be fitted with his nice Curtagon 35/2.8 or the Voigtlander Bessamatic Skoparet 35/3.4 (after little non destructive modification).<br> Anyway, Ultron lenses are my favorites!!! Both in vintage (Vitessa, Prominent) or actuall (Cosina made for Leica mount) versions!</p>
  2. +1 for "Black Beauty" EF. That's a fabulous camera!!! Built like a tank, perfect ergonomy, TOP!!! Only one default is that you have to shut it down or the battery will be dead quite soon. On other hand even as old camera she's ok with actual batteries! Off course F1 (both versions) are great camera with plenty of options... but they are more pricy!
  3. <p>Nice find!<br> Vitessa L with Ultron lens is my favorite camera. It was also my first serious camera and I keep it with car and love :-)</p>
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