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  1. gooseberry


    Wonder whether that's one of Alfred Weissenegger's tricks... (?) https://500px.com/photo/99714737/mysterious-energy-by-alfred-weissenegger Thanks; will play with it!
  2. gooseberry


    [[show-photo-18502071]] What do you mean by dynamic contrast and dynamic brightness, Andrew? – Color Efex has a dynamic contrast adjustment under the Pro Contrast option, but somehow I doubt that this is what you were referring to.
  3. gooseberry


    Of the three versions of this image, this processing is my favourite; it gives it the most rich look.
  4. gooseberry


    Good pose as well as tones!
  5. gooseberry


    Good pose as well as tones!
  6. Inspired by by Dean Fidelman's ‘Stone Nudes’ http://www.stonenudes.com/prints1.html

    © (c) Tomasz Swinarski, all rights reserved

  7. Howdy, I just got myself Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III and am wondering whether this rattling sound that comes out of it when I move / shake it is normal (?) – there's a piece I can see (it's more visible on the lens side, but also sticks out on the camera side) that moves freely; looks like it's meant to move, just not sure whether all by itself... ...attaching the teleconverter to a lens makes no difference; only attaching the whole thing to the camera stabilizes it, so it goes quiet. Thanks (hopefully for putting my mind at peace ;-)
  8. Interesting to see how my perspective has changed over the years: while I still like this image – no question it's good! – but I not mesmerised by it anymore. It might be erring on the over-sharpened side, and the ridge and top of the nose are slightly blown out. Nothing major, but I didn't even notice those things before...
  9. gooseberry

    ... day 29, march

    Day 29 was the best of them all.
  10. gooseberry


    The pose looks unnatural to me and doesn't hold much interest.
  11. ...so I'd say it's not a factor.  It could also comfortably sit in Humor as well as in Portraits or even in Fashion.
  12. gooseberry


    I'd clone out the hanging loop.
  13. gooseberry


    ...glad to see people saving water! ;-)
  14. gooseberry


    I'd have model's eyelashes and/or lips in sharp focus, not her fringe.
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