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    Could be a banal travel photograph, but it is not.You made "an issue" from the available scene.regards,maria
  1. A very beautiful image, Henry. I love the composition here, especially various lines crossng arround the tree. It is difficult not to stop when you see a scene like this...regards,maria

    Cordial friends

    Mehmet, nice to see such kind of strong and natural emotions, nice to see what are you able to capture with your fantastic artistic skills!!! regards,maria

    Emerald Bay



    Sam, thank you very much for your kind words about my recent winter shots. These comments and your postings on No words led me to visit your portfolio and I really enjoyed it very much. It was difficult for me to find a most interesting photograph, but finally I decided for this one (as also many before me did). It is a really very beautiful image about the richness, complexity and beauty of a human life even without showing any human being here. I am looking forward to seeing more similar shots. regards,maria


    Silent Night

    Jeff, this is an interesting combination of three clear, dominating colours at a beautifully simple scene highly corresponding to the present festive time. Merry Christmas and a very good year 2008 for you and your family. regards,maria
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