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  1. Huxinting surrounded by an artificial lake in the center of Shanghai
  2. georgetaylor

    Yunyan Bridge

    A suspension bridge covered by LED's pulsating with changing images of butterflies and flowers.
  3. The enormous concrete river banks dwarf the lone man at the waters' edge
  4. Wooden temple built without nails in the late 1800's
  5. Entrance Display at a high-end antique furniture store, Shanghai
  6. georgetaylor

    Washing by the river

    Woman doing her laundry at the river's edge, Chang Jiang
  7. This is an infrared photo of trees submerged during high water at the edge of a river island on the Yangtze
  8. Pulsing lights line the The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel under the Huangpu river.
  9. georgetaylor

    Three Gorges

    Navigation Barge on the Yangtze River in the predawn light.
  10. Old Customs House reflected on metal bands embedded in the sidewalk
  11. Both foreground and background are monuments in honor of China
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