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  1. Hi guys , thanks very much for the resposes. The only thing that makes me hesitant about staying at Breckinridge is I

    haven't skied in about 15 years and knowing myself I would want to get where the action is with my gear.. Then I have to

    get down with it.. Is Breckinridge itself pretty scenic? I suppose this time of the year reservations at rmnp or great dunes

    shouldn't be an issue. Maybe I will play it by ear. Thanks again for taking the time. Regards bg

  2. <p>Hi, I have a 2 day meeting in Breckenridge the first week of December and then I will have 2 full days to myself. I was considering RMNP to shoot the elk hurd but I am not sure how accessible the park will be this time of the year. I also considered going to the Great Sand Dune NP but dont know if that is more than one day of shooting. Anyone have any recommendations on what you would do with 2 days and a rental car from Breckinridge this time of the year? The final idea would be to stay at the mountain and shoot the snowsports. Really interested in your perspectives as I have not been there much. I do have some long glass I have been wanting to try so RMNP would be great if you think I could get to the animals<br>



  3. <p>Hi, 15 is about the buffer on the D3 without an upgrade, I think technically it is 17 but you are running into the buffer limit and the unit cant write to the card fast enough to give you more clearance. At that point you can rip off about 3 fps until the buffer clears. Hope that helps, and for $500 Nikon will double your buffer if that is any help. Thanks Brian</p>
  4. <p>Hi all, trying to get my R2400 printing BW's on Museo Silver rag and I need some settings help. I have followed the museo pdf guidance and I am not getting the results I am looking for. I have the ICC installed and working. I am printing with lightroom for this test<br>

    Current settings<br>

    Lightroom - Resolution 240, sharpening - standard, media type - glossy (this could be the issue)<br>

    Color management - museo profile, Rendering - perceptual<br>

    Epson driver - advanced - ultra premium photo paper luster (this is the only luster option but could be an issue as well), best photo, ICM (no color adjust)</p>

    <p>The first prints are laying down a ton of ink, like pools of ink... I have to think that the surface might be the issue but I thought I would turn to the forum for guidance</p>

    <p>Could someone using a similar setup look at your settings and see if something jumps out at you? Do any of you use "advanced BW" instead of the museo profile?</p>

    <p>Appreciate your help, thanks Brian</p>


  5. Hi Steve, you can see the specifics in the link of the screenshots I did above but here is the short version. I have identical problems in Lightroom 2.1 and PS CS2


    Colorspace : Prophoto


    No Color management in the advanced window


    Color management = document


    Color Handling = Let photoshop determine the colors


    Printer Profile: IGSPP9_EPP7600_PSPP.icc (Secured from the Ilford website)


    Intent = Perceptual (blackpoint comp is on as well)



    Thanks again, appreciate any additional thoughts, and again the flickr link above you can see my screen shots




  6. Hi, I have been trying to print on my 9600 with using a roll of Galerie Smooth Pearl. I am using ultrachrome

    inks with photo black. I am having some real trouble with washed out prints and no richness to the blacks at

    all. This really feels like a profile issue but I could use a second opinion. I am calibrated end to end on the

    monitor side so that should not be a factor.


    I am using the following profile :IGSPP9_EPP7600_PSPP.icc that was downloaded from the ilford site


    Paper type is: Premium Semigloss Photo Paper


    Here is a link to the screenshots of the problem and the setup. Appreciate if anyone could offer some suggestions.





    Does anyone else use this profile with the 9600 UC? Do you have problems. Could the profile be bad? Anyone

    have any alternative profiles that might be a reasonable replacement?



    Brian Gudas

  7. Hi Donna, what ISO are you using? You have a couple of choices 1) (the easy one) use a higher ISO , say 800-1200 and get your shutter speed in the 1/250 range. The price here is noise on larger prints but you should be able to freeze action. Make sure you are using Aperture priority at F1.8 or F2. 2) (More complex but better results) use an off camera flash to add light to the situation, there are some good was to do this but it requires some gear (wireless triggers and some Speed lights) but your results will be amazing and you can stay at the lower ISO's so there will be less noise. If I were you I would start with the ISO increase and use that lens at the fast end (F1.8). That is one of the nicest Nikon lenses on the market!!! Good luck BG
  8. Hi everyone,

    I am considering picking up a 13x19 printer for desktop proofing. I am really

    interested in something that will do high quality BW's on matte/fine art paper.

    I currently own an Epson 9600 but I cannot bring myself to purge the photo

    black to replace with matte black. I am looking for a recommendation for a good

    black and white printer printer (HP or Epson), I would like something that could

    handle text reasonably well also. Appreciate the opinions




  9. Hey fellas, thanks for the good feedback. I think the south rim is a bit far for the short trip prior to the race. Have you ever tried Eureka Dunes? Would couple that with a trip to the racetrack and then the next day Zabriski, badwater, mosaic canyon/artists pallet.


    Can you shoot the slot canyons year round? How long could you spend at valley of fire? Is it worth 1+ days? Would like to do more shooting and as little traveling as possible. Thanks for the tips.. brian

  10. Hi,

    My father and I are going to Vegas in early Dec to run the 1/2 marathon. We

    will show up on Thurs mid day. The plan is to directly leave Vegas and shoot

    for 2 days returning Sat evening for the race Sat morning. I will be leaving

    for the Wave (Coyote buttes) and Page slot canyons Mon-Thurs the next week. I

    am looking for a recommendation for the first 2 days we are there. I have shot

    DV the last 2 years, I am not opposed to doing that again and he has never been

    there so it would be perfect for him, but DV is a pretty easy answer. I am

    interested in recommendations for early Dec for other locations. Things I have

    considered beyond DV are Joshua tree, Valley of Fire, Bryce & Zion. Appreciate

    your opinion on other locations or recommendations for or against the areas I

    have mentioned. This is easy when I travel alone but as a guide there is a

    little more to think about. Thanks in advance... Brian

  11. Hi, I have been thinking about this for a while and I need some advice on how

    to pull off this technique. I am looking to light a fish tank to shoot fish

    isolated on white. This is the best example I could find of what I am trying to






    1) is it simply lighting the tank and moving the lens right up to the glass?

    2) If you were doing this would you use distilled water?

    3) Anything to consider if I want to include the water line? Think rubber ducky

    floating on top with pirhana beneath it


    I have a small studio at home (strobes, softboxes, backgrounds, etc) so I think

    I should have the appropriate lighting.


    I appreciate your time



  12. When the park "closes" do they close the gates or start writing tickets? Does it really close before 6:30pm? Is it reasonable to park outside the gate and walk in? Thanks BG
  13. Ted, that is exactly what I needed (including examples). I will be sure to make it to the east side which will be better for sunset anyways. Thanks for taking the time, very nice collection of images from this location, thanks for sharing. Regards Brian
  14. Hi, Traveling from Sacramento to Reno late next week. I want to take a sunset

    and shoot north lake tahoe, specifically the round granite rocks sticking out of

    the water. I have been to tahoe many times but I cant recall exactly where they

    are, seems like they were close to the Cal/Nev line but I could be mistaken.

    Here are my questions 1) Where is the best place to access some good groupings

    of stones, parking? 2) Can I get close enough to the lake right now to shot

    anything close? Much snow at lake level?


    Thanks in advance BG

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