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    When I look at this photo, I SEE the sound coming from the electric guitars. Was that the intent? I bet it was -- no one else has commented on this effect, so maybe I'm seeing something that isn't there -- if this was the intent, it was a success. If not, still interesting.


    Wow! What's striking about this photo is that it pulls you into the scene, and I could amost feel that sensation of exploding electricity in the air. Ominous. I"ve never quite seen such magenta in a lightning strike, but no matter the color cast, even if it were black and white, there's a real sense of danger in this photo.

    Hyperspace Koi

    Thanks Frank -- yes, roughly half the people who've viewed the photo like the lilly pads, the other half say, as you, that they distract. I had to draw the line somewhere as to how far from the original image I wanted to alter the photo, and the context. I tried to soften and stylize the lilly pads so that they would harmoniously blend with the Koi, and I think it works. In any event, I tried to compose the photo into upper left to lower right corner diagonal halves, with fish dominating the lower left, and lilly pads dominating the upper right.


    It's definitely good...and I like it...but it's tough to get a sense of scale, at least to me. I can see the mountain peak in the reflection, and that helps. Unusual composition, but it works.

    Hyperspace Koi


    My goal was not realism, rather surrealism. This was an attempt to capture

    an 'other worldly' quality of the Koi, as I see them, that I just can't capture on

    film (or digitally) when making a sharply focused, well exposed photo. I've

    enhanced the image in Photoshop to more strongly convey the impression of

    the Koi that I have in my head.


    Fire away!


    I bet this would have been a very 'ordinary' photo with conventional film, but a nice subject for infrared -- I like grain too. Ochen' Khorosho, Krasivaya snimka!!


    The oversaturation of color gives it a 'postcard' effect , which I normally don't like, but your composition is very interesting, and the eye-popping, artificial colors actually contribute to the sense of fun. For some reason, this photo works!!
  1. It's good as is -- wonder what it might look like if you were to experiment with various duotones -- I think you'd really like the effect, as you can pick the duotone to convey the exact mood you want for this photo.
  2. I see nothing wrong with the angle from which you photographed this woman -- the subject is interesting, and the photo I'd rate as 'good' -- btw,are you into digital imaging? -- some simple adjustments to the contrast , color balance, or ...if you really want to make it great, convert to greyscale (B&W) and sharpen..this could be a spectacular image, IMHO
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