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Image Comments posted by natamambo

    Crimson Rosellas


    Apart from a small crop removing extraneous grey area from the top

    and right of the photo (top right corner moved inwards) this photo is

    untouched. There were dozens of birds that came down just before dusk

    to feed, these were but two who lined up for me at just the right

    moment. The colours in the photo are exactly true to life, especially

    the bird in focus. Your comments on lighting & general composition /

    overall photo will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Malo Sunset


    This was the only one of several photos taken pretty much at the

    moment the sun set that had good lighting (all the rest were under

    exposed). I like it, but I wanted to know what others thought of the

    effect. The foreground of the original (under the tree) is a little

    clearer than in the scan, still dark but you can make out the detail.

    Thanks for your help.

  1. Greg & Scott


    Thanks for the feedback it is appreciated. What isn't shown in the composition is the mobile phone tower, very carefully hidden by the second tree. Unfortunately even just a few feet in either direction made that monstrosity the central part of the picture.



    Heaven's Gate

    I find the extreme's in the contrast a little disconcerting, as it makes it hard for me to decide what is the central point of the photo. However the subject of the photo is great and I love the concept of the light on the gate.
  2. As a newbie I am interested in your comments in particular regarding

    the use of light and colour as well as the general "it's beautiful /

    no it's not" type comments. This photo is untouched and

    no "artificial aids" were used (maybe all you with experience can

    tell that ;-0 )and this copy is a scan of the 6cm*4cm print. I have

    three other photos in my folder, a sunset and two portraits, if you

    have time to drop by and critique those also that would be greatly

    appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

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