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Published: Tuesday 28th of April 2009 06:23:10 PM


Warren Kaplan
Great photo of an unusual pose of this model whose incredible figure makes it work. The setting (to my mind) adds a touch of mystery to it all as there just has to be a story to go with this composition. Very interesting and it has me thinking "what's it all about?"

Stephen Solomon
"Wow" is what I first thought when I saw this. I really like the black and white style and the refection of her form in the table's smooth surface. Then I examined it further and had some thoughts. This might seem strange, but, please, bear with me. I find it curious that the image has a two sided message. This is only my interpretation, so feel free to laugh if you are so inclined. I won't be offended. At this woman's hips, I find a point of bisection due to the corner of the wall and on the table top in the fore ground. To the right side of the image, I see her breasts, symbolizing nourishment, as well as arms, reaching (perhaps trying to contain), clutching with contorted hands and, in the background, I see a collection of man's material trinkets. To the left side of the image, I see spread legs and an empty wall. Her expression seems to ask, "What dominates your life?" Either way, "fulfillment" is the desire of everyone, and each of us seeks to reach a goal through our existence. It is as if the woman in this image is our conscience, questioning our path toward fulfillment. Okay, yeah, I like the photo!

Jim Phelps
John, This is different from your usual style. Is your intent to be more abstract? Some statement of intent would be appreciated. Jim Phelps

Michael Meneklis
The model or the photographer ? John for ever. PS. Visit http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=9067853

Gary Stallsworth
This image has a lot of visual impact. It is interesting that there are essentially no horizontal or vertical lines. The composition of shapes and tones is what grounds the image, while all the diagonals give it tension and movement. Lighting, tonal range, composition, all come together for a beautiful and interesting image. My compliments to the model. She has minimized the curves of her body to angular shapes with lines that tie in with all of the other angles in the image.

John Peri
Thank you friends for all the interest shown in this picture. Of course, any image is open to interpretation, and part of the fun of being on PN is seeing how different people respond. GARY: I'm glad you noticed the angles. The wall, the fireplace, table, legs and arms are all meant to combine together to create the composition. STEPHEN. Ha, that was fun to read ! I wonder though which of us is the weird one. I posted this elsewhere under the title of "Stem Cell Research' ! My premise is that the model symbolizes offering, rebirth in the rigid structure and confines of her surroundings. The lines all intersect and reach to her from where rejuvenation can take place ... :-). So JIM and WARREN, there is my answer possibly to you too ... MICHAEL: Thank you Michael, I am very honoured.

Maurizio Melozzi
...... always excellent your work. that is really fine, great taste in the use of space, great b/w, and great expression/pose of the model.- well done

Maurizio Moro
I always say:..beauty is woman!...Ciaomau!

David Noble

John Peri
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