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Published: Sunday 26th of October 2008 09:13:14 PM


John Peri
.. Actually .. it's the only shot I got before the cat disapppeared ... :-)

James Baeza
A moment. A piece of time where everything lined up just perfectly. You're a lucky man.

John Peri
I do very much agree Andrea that working with close friends leads to different, warmer kinds of images .. as you see, even the cat got used to me ! Thanks for passing by ... by the way .. did you notice how the cat also has it's leg forward, model stylre ... :-)

Maurizio Moro
A bit of all nude:...great work!...Ciaomau!

Andreas Marx
A piece o art It is my personal experience that shootings with friends are something dierent altogether. The results - as here - speak for themsel. It is that kind of intimacy and trust, that make these photos dierent. Well done, John

Sergio Moreira
Wild just wild

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful, excellent composition, great models. Alberto

John Peri
Sure I noticed the cupboard behind her head, but I was too lazy to remove it. The glove I could not do much with though. This was just a moment seized actually, the cat with his head titled and the paw forward like the models stand is really something .. they are a proud couple, no .. :-)

Jim Phelps
John, I certainly can't quantify/define the emotional impact here, but I feel it, and that what's important. My compliments to the three of you (I suspect the cat controls this household). Jim Phelps

Timo Hartikainen
I would say it's quite original nude photo; there is also a cat posing! Two small things which I didn't like here: there is a straight line just behind her head and her right hand disappears into that black thing. But I also know that you noticed these things but you like more expressions and the moment than this kind of technical things. It's a good one anyway.

Meir Samel
friend which one?

Edwin M. Rosenbloom
Och John, oll yer best fotis hav pussies in dem :-) :-)

John Peri
You hit it right on Jim. I do have a couple of scratches on my hands still since this weekend howevr ..

Stephen Solomon
Hey, John! I wonder if you have ever considered shooting a similar pose such as what is reflected in the mirror (from behind the model) but ask your model to turn her head back to look over her shoulder at you. This model exudes confidence and has a nice pose. There is a lot of emptiness in the left side of the picture due to white space above and the dark space below. The kitty helps to bring focus to that side. Once it departed, the space must have really imploded. Lighting models her form beautifully.

Robert Chura
Very nice image. Reminds me of the Helmut Newton style but with a John Peri touch.

John Peri
Ha ha .. thank you Robert. Happy New Year, John

John Peri
Portrait of a friend ... .. and her cat .... taken over the weekend

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