Grimes Mill II, 2007 (Please view larger)

by Kelly Landrum

grimes mill ii please view larger salisbury canon eos d kelly landrum

Gallery: North Carolina: Grimes Mill, Salisbury

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Category: Architecture

Published: Sunday 21st of September 2008 06:58:39 AM


Landrum Kelly
Thanks, everyone. I am sorry for tiring everyone in my search for the Perfect Crop, but there is something about the stair-step effect here which I also think makes it the best of the bunch. Not too many people liked the [more or less] "original" version--except for me. --Lannie

Liz Weisiger
Lannie, I remember the original posting of this fine old building. I like this crop a lot. There are rich tones and details, and I like the way the light falls across it. Wonderful work.

S Williams
Landrum, I really like the even-handed tonality, congested composition and overall 'vernacular' architecture feel of this shot. Very well done. Regards, Steve

Michael Chang
Your second comment makes sense, Lannie. The staircase effect is the art of cropping that brings the picture to life. Even the featureless sky works to advantage. Without the crop, we're left with a picture of an interesting building that wouldn't have much meaning except to locals, albeit skillfully crafted near-dusk.

Landrum Kelly
Here is the original, or at least almost all of the original. It has definitely been cropped left and right. I am not sure about top and bottom. This shot was made with the original 5D, still a very impressive instrument of serious photography, in my opinion. --Lannie

Kim Slonaker
I think your cropping was a good choice. Nice lighting.

David Meyer
Lannie I like it as posted. the light is wonderful and the composition is tight and spare.

Afshin Azizi
Beautiful Architecture work. Nice colors & composition. Regards

Jamie Kraft
exquisite composition and framing i think you've gone slightly overboard in leaving room for the highlights, though. this would need to be projected in a dark room to be fully appreciated. that said, i know and appreciate your artistic palette choices... j

Cherlyn .
Wise crop. The shadow form on the wall is one interesting element. The centre building a good segregation of the 2 red walls. Nicely composed.

Pnina Evental
Hi Lannie, long time....I like a lot the composition, colors light and shadows.It has a very special color melange, and nice form, you have well cropped it( from reality...). I hope you are well !

Landrum Kelly
"i think you've gone slightly overboard in leaving room for the highlights"

I guess that you are right, Jamie, and it is a bit dark, but I left it dark to try to emulate what I saw--which was the light just before sunset. On my screen, however, the picture is still bright enough for me, which makes me wonder how similar an image I and others are seeing--not just on mine, but on all of


Landrum Kelly
Thanks to everyone. I appreciate your attention to this humble photo of an old mill. Thank you in particular, Pnina. I always wait for your verdict. --Lannie

Jim McConnell
Hi Lannie, I worked several years doing CAD drawings, this perfectly laid-out photo satisfies my soul. I have taken about a million shots of this mill, I like yours best. Thanks for your kind comment on my latest Mabry`s Mill photo, your neighbor from Greensboro, Jim. If you get a chance, email me a list of photogenic places in Salisbury, I took some photos of the McCubbins house last year, not long after it was restored, a beautiful place.

Anders Hingel

Landrum, I went back to your portfolio after having read your recent thread in the Philosophy forum. We are both shooting without setup and based on inspiration of the moment. I have not intervened discussions in the thread up till ow in order not to create further antagonisms with certain persons.

I found this particular photo which I find marvelous due to the color span, the light, the shadows and the mixture of textures not to mention the most important, a very strong composition. Great photo, that I will include in my favorites.

Landrum Kelly

Jim and Anders, I have very belatedly stumbled across your comments.  I am grateful for your kind words and for your appreciation of this photo.  I hope you drop back by sooner or later to read this.


Landrum Kelly
Grimes Mill II Let me have your thoughts.


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