Pyramidal spot.

by Amelkovich Igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 23rd of May 2008 10:03:10 AM



John Keiffer
High Heels That should be your new title. Very Nice.

Demetrius Gonzalez
well done i think the shoes are great, they push it from really good to great. a rare case of the spread legs still being art. cheers!

Steffen Drache
Outstanding, different, good.

Steve Ward
and they say that modeling is easy, not.

Igor Amelkovich
It was easy. Only two doubles. :)

Arjen van de Merwe
This is weird, and I love it for that. A symmetrical composition of a sqaure photo is pretty standard. But the pose is crazy, with no arms, upside down, athletic, no try to hide the vulva, nude but for these shoes, shiny body, great job, very unusual.

Michal Košťál
I agree with the guys. This is an excellent photo. Good on ya Igor.

Michal Tomes
All your photos have good idea and very interesting light. I like your work. Very good job!

Daniel Han
Truly original. the overall shape looks like an evil face with a pyramidal hat and a beard. Just squint your eyes...hehe.

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Actually a headstand variation in yoga. The trained body can do this sort of thing. And it is not as extreme as it looks, but it takes a great muscle control. And extraordinary model to be able to do these kinds of poses. And interesting if not quite exceptional example from your portfolio, I do admire your approach. Daring and different. I wish you well, Igor,gs

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
I meant shoulder stand, sorry...

Would love to see a bigger shot of this with more detqil. was she straining to hold the shot??

Fernando Juliatti
Fantastic shot! Congratulations the position and tyhe model are fantastics!

Igor Amelkovich
Pyramidal spot. Relaxation...

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