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Published: Friday 28th of December 2007 05:51:20 PM


Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
steven cassidy, I wouldn't argue about : " this is terrible, its not a photo, its photoshop nonsense ".. but what do you mean saying "taken way too far"..? Did the image couse some problems for anybody ?

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Thank you all for your comments

akhyar fikri
stunning image!.........regards

Menar Maqboul
stunning beautiful image. congrats

Dan Bliss
Wonderful concept. Beautifully executed. Nicely done. Dan

David Meyer
ceslovas As always, you demonstrate remarkable photo editing skills and a wonderful whimsical imagination. Terrific work here.

Art Meripol
for real? Amazing shot! Composed perfect, sense of scale is spot on. Dramatic with grey's and muted colors. Congrats. Wouldn't change a thing.

steven cassidy
my apologies, not meaning to get at you personally as you made the picture so you know exactly how it was made. imho i can see very little in this picture that is real and while it makes a pretty picture my 12 year old daughter can also create some fab pictures with either paints or cs3. this imho is meant to be a photographic forum not a digital painting forum so while as long as idiotic programs like photoshop and the like will always be with us to lets say help those less fortunates that either dont know how to or cant be bothered to take real pictures that can actually amaze us with their brilliance. as i said this is a pretty composite-it would look well on a postcard. no it didnt hurt or harm anyone so i'll take back the 'taken too far' comment, but seriously i'll bet that you're killing yourself laughing at the critical comments posted before mine- i know i am

Claudio Castelli
Ceslovas is a master of "digital darkroom", category about which is discussed in this forum and which requires even more creativity and technical capability than plain photography.

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
S.C. No, I'm not laughing at the critical comments posted before yours, actually your comment made me smile. It is more photo than you think you know. I know I don't have to explain but the only non-photo thing is tornado's tail, realizing it's not a single shot I post it at digital altenations category. You said you had a twelve years old daughter, it means your pretty grown and I hope you didn't create your account on photo.net for only writing one complaint message on single photo. Good luck!

Alina Ilarion

Irina Todorova
I love it:)

Saleem Khawar
Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!beautiful composition.

Angelo Plessas
Great composition !!!

Mindaugas Dryza
neimk i galva tu komentaru:) darbas kaip visada puikus!7/7

steven cassidy
i'll get hammered for saying this but this is terrible, its not a photo, its photoshop nonsense taken way to far

Chris Sargent
For image manipulation this is actually very good. Some blurring (motion blur) on the tornado funnel would help make this more realistic.. IMO I love the composition and the mirroring of the path with the funnel. Great work.

Raif Tulga
hi -More Than Excellent shot.

Jana Vanourkova
I could give this one 10 for originality. I love the title too. JUST PERFECT ! Jana

Zulfu Aydin

Gary Grubb
Gary Grubb Wonderful ! I love the softness of the colors, the way the light is touching the old windmill. It is both calming and disturbing at the same time. Wish I had your talents in the image editing department.

Ben Goossens
Woooww..:-))) I'm think it makes some jealous:-( Isn't there a section "digital alternation" so? Regards, ben

Glauco Dattini
Hi Ceslovas Very fine composition and excellent alteration! Congrats!

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Waiting ***

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