by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled care java west rural vllage cycle canon powershot prakarsa rarindra

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Published: Sunday 7th of October 2007 01:53:29 PM


Amador Ruiz Rodriguez
Amador Ruiz Rodriguez Buena fotografia con un encanto especial por esas luces y composici�n. Un saludo

Sachin Patke
Rarindra, I can tell your images from far. Yet another awesome presentation. If you dont me asking, please do share the technique. Thank you.

Jesús Pizarro
6/6 Amazing light, very good job. Regards.

Excellent capture,love the lighting and story the photo portrays.Very well done !

Nine Irianto
Beautiful Bagus banget morningnya Om ! .... khas nih rolnya, mau dong diajarin bisa moto begini :))

I. S.

sabit alagözlü
SUPER wonderful -10-

Wendy de Kok
^0^ Beautiful warm atmosphere! Great details, colors and clearity as usual :)

Thomas Turk
Could be even better Superb capture, backlighting, exposure. The overbright left of pix is distracting. Blank off all to the left of the smaller seated person, and notice how the composition tightens up, and becomes more strict and clear. Background trees could have been more out of focus for added dimension. F4 or better.

Brad Kim
Beautiful image with fantastic light! My hearty congratulations!

Jarek Grudzinski
Beautiful image. Congrats.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful 7/7

Irina No

Sriram Varadarajan
Looks magical. Lovely image. Congratulations.

Peter Kervarec
I would like to see this image without the gradient filter added.Just wondering what the original looks like.Thanks

Boris Ederov
Love it!!! Congratulations!

Tolo Duran
Bellisima composicion.Sensacional luz y colores.Felicidades.

Denny Taroreh
bercerita banget, fren :D

Alberta P.
Gorgeous Perfect image, well-told story.

Marta Eva LLamera
What can I add... THANKS for sharing. Regards.

Anthony Gutowski
Hi Rarindra Wonderful composition with incredible light,color and texture. Best Regards

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Always excellent shots, dear Rarindra!

Federico Fiorillo

Fernando Monreal
I don?t belive in this light and in this photo i think it is more a PS work than a real photo, if i?m wrong show us your raw, but i must to said the compo is perfect and the overall message of your works like this is very tender, lovely and hopefull, you must to be proud of that, pherhaps you know my thoughs, i?m not tired to reapeat that you have a great talent but in my opinion it will be good if you leave to manipulate your shots and do more professional and thru photographs. f.

Antonio Díaz
Otra de tus preciosidades. Maravillosa, encantadora, especial, cercana... 7/7

Emanuel Tri Raharjo
Memang selalu mantab..

Ivana Vostrakova

Joe Don Richardson
Simply Wonderful.

Mark Anthony Kathurima
This photo is stunning in its seeming simplicity. A truly hallmark image in an already outstanding portfolio. It deserves Picture of the Month! It is intriguing as well as comforting...


Jaap Voets
amazing shot

fast ...
Excelent Beautiful composition and atmosphere. regards

Sergio M. Cameno
Love the mood and the compo, excellent again!

Ricardo Alberto Maciel
Hi Rarindra: Fantastic photo, all your work are great!!! Regards Ricardo

teodora ursuleanu
wow the composition is exceptional!!i wish i could make PP like this..amasing..

Paduroiu Claudiu
As always, beautiful picture!

AJ kadash
I like it... but looking at your portfolio all photos look like the use the same formula/filter/post processing. Not sure why it detracted from my enjoyment of this photo.

Antonio Bassi
A truly beautiful work of art, incredible light and color palette and very powerful message.

Fly away
Ảre there many actions from Photoshop here?

Sweta Rozaev

Babul Bhatt
Awesome Great shot...

Zeljko Javor
Superb shot! Perfect timing of this lighting moment.

Thomas Roberts
Awesome Sinple scene, stunning composition.

Sumon Mukherjee
Sumon Mukherjee Very soft and breathtaking photograph. Congratulations. Perfect combination of colours. Regards..

simin p
7.7 i do love it

Randall Pukalo
Cool shot, but looks fake, like it is a computer generated simulation. Still cool though.

Matej O.
7/7 You did it again, Rarindra:)

sofian wangsa
Very good pic..humanism story..congrat

sofian wangsa
very good pic..it's a humanism story ..congrat

Alisa Aiken
Family Togetherness I love the light coming in from one side. The mother looks so intent on the sun and appears to love him. A very peaceful and yet powerful picture. THankyou for sharing it! Alisa

Rumen Kocev
Perfect composition

Trisha Jean-Angela
Very beautiful image; the lighting is fantastic. Very well done. Thank you for sharing. :)

Rarindra Prakarsa
sunday morning Matur nuwun

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