Y con sus mismas ramas se hacen caricias II (más grande)

by Kelly Landrum

y con sus mismas ramas se hacen caricias ii ms gra seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Monday 28th of May 2007 01:34:08 PM


Scott Merola
Lannie Very nice abstract.....Great Idea. Thanks for the input.....Scott.

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)

Rossy Topalova
beatiful reflection

Jan Piller
Lannie Nice reflection! Turning it on it's side makes it all the more interesting. ( I have one almost identical! hahaha)

Dennis Jones
Lannie We need to have your ears checked...your balance is out of whack again..... ;o)

Kim Slonaker
Looks like two figures, hugging. Good idea to present sideways, however the idea came to be!

Maurizio Rossi
As you say "Great creativity" but also "GREAT SKILL". BRAVO! All my compliments and regards. Maury

Landrum Kelly
At least I suspect that that is what happened. . . . Thanks, guys. Here is what actually came out of that old Olympus E-20 back in 2002. Actually, I don't know if I would have had the imagination to create this photo if Olympus had installed the tiny, cheap device that rotates files automatically. In any case, while out in the bush I was simply getting bored with the landscapes that I was getting in the viewfinder and so I turned the camera ninety degrees to get a shot of both water and the tops of the trees. When I got home, I was scanning the various files, and the ones that I had taken in "portrait mode" were now on their sides, and I had no idea that one of them contained the photo posted for critique. So, I started browsing a "sideways" file at full size on the screen, and the good part just came into view. I saw it and cropped accordingly. Oh, well, so much for my "creativity". . . . --Lannie

Jana Vanourkova
Very creative. I like the original too, cheers Jana

Landrum Kelly
Y con sus mismas ramas se hacen caricias II (mas grande) This is a larger version of a file uploaded earlier. Thanks for viewing.


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