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Y con sus mismas ramas se hacen caricias II (más grande)

Y con sus mismas ramas se hacen caricias II (más grande)

Landrum Kelly


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Thanks, guys. Here is what actually came out of that old Olympus E-20 back in 2002. Actually, I don't know if I would have had the imagination to create this photo if Olympus had installed the tiny, cheap device that rotates files automatically.


In any case, while out in the bush I was simply getting bored with the landscapes that I was getting in the viewfinder and so I turned the camera ninety degrees to get a shot of both water and the tops of the trees.


When I got home, I was scanning the various files, and the ones that I had taken in "portrait mode" were now on their sides, and I had no idea that one of them contained the photo posted for critique.


So, I started browsing a "sideways" file at full size on the screen, and the good part just came into view. I saw it and cropped accordingly.


Oh, well, so much for my "creativity". . . .



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