House Sparrow and Purple Martin fighting

by Melanson Jody

house sparrow and purple martin fighting seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Wednesday 25th of April 2007 11:33:30 PM


Dennis Jones
Nice capture Jody Well done with good detail and color.

Giangiorgio Crisponi
Jody congratulations , fantastic capture, ciao Giangiorgio

Trish vandenBerg
wow.. what an incredible shot !!!! wow !! impressive !! ~trish~

Wendy de Kok
^o^ Great action shot with very nice details! Very well done.

Juan Carlos Vindas
Amiga Amazing photo, beautiful colors. 7/7

Kieran Cunningham
STUNNING............................... Great Capture

Alptekin Kavi
Nice timing, very clear shot. Congratulations!

Stephen Penland

The purple martin seems to have the upper hand, but house sparrows have decimated purple martin populations, especially in or near cities.  Both nest in cavities, and the non-native house sparrow has simply overwhelmed purple martins.  Purple martins used to be (around 1900) the most common species in Seattle; now they are very hard to find, but they may be benefitting from nest boxes placed over water.  Anyhow, this is a superb shot; it captured for me the conflict between the two species.

Jody Melanson
House Sparrow & Purple Martin fighting midair This little male House Sparrow was very aggressive and was attacking this Purple Martin that was almost twice his size! You can see they have their beaks locked together. Please view larger....

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