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Published: Monday 18th of December 2006 01:37:39 PM


Kah Kit Yoong
It looks like you panned this shot. If you did, incredible would be an understatement. If you didn't pan, you'll have to settle for just incredible.

Giangiorgio Crisponi
Fantastica!! a very beautiful photo, excellent panning ciao Giangiorgio

_ Cálico - NY, NY
whoa....! Great shot... great timing! Gives meaning to the expression, "High Tailing It."

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
very good shot, congratulations, well done

Mark Boyer
Great capture. Excellent.

Rafik Kamel
wow very original shot jody, i love it. very brilliant work on ur side, RK!

Kelly Dattilo
Very cute! Really shows how speedy they are.

Xenomer C.
Superb! Excellent shot! Congratulations!

Derek Moore
6/6 Perfect timing and damn fast reactions, well done.

Roger Gabarro
Just a Brilliant shot!! R*

Bill Garber
Wow! Jody this is special! Regards, B.

rabinder bhandari
very nice capture with very accurate timing and a lovely composition with fine details...

Donn Dobkin
Perfection Could not be better, fabulous shot.

Jitka Unverdorben
Very nice photo, jitka

Stephan Brauchli
Excellent Very nice capture, lighting, framing - love it!

AmirAli Sharifi
really nice shot ! the background blure works very good

Ali Reza Zamli
Amazing yes, it looks like a panning shot from the bg blur and if so you have really panned it well. Excellent technique on such a small target....and an amazing picture nonetheless..

Kieran Cunningham
Fantastic Capture . Would have been nice if you got all of the shadow But still GREAT shot.

Cally Golding
Little Speedster >> Love this. I am so impressed. Have been trying to catch a shot of the "little speedsters" on my own deck without success. They change direction & flash by at wharp speed. Excellent capture.

Michael Tommerup
Wowwowowowow. What a great photo, you can just feel the speed

Brian Y
Very nice capture, and he's very cute. I do think the background looks a little Photoshopped. Maybe use less blur while still adding a little for effect? (As is, even if the little guy is only 4" long, that would make the blur streaks at least 0.5", and the exposure was 1/2500. 1250 in/s... That would mean the guy was indeed moving quick - about 71 mph!!)

Frank Mueller
I would also guess that the blurr/panning effect was added in PS, but in my humble opinion it doesn't look photoshopped. At any rate, fantastic picture! I keep on watching the little things race around my backyard - usually with my dog at their heals - and I haven't even attempted a shot yet due to the mind boggling speed.

Julius Grocholski
I hate these animals!!!!! They wake me up at sunrise every morning because there is a tree outside my bedroom window and there is one that decides to chirp like it is on speed for about twenty minutes. By then I am woken up and cannot fall back asleep. I think I am going to shoot it [with a gun not a camera ;-) ] Nice shot by the way!. -jg

Ankur Thatai
beautiful Image... great detail/depth.

jacob smith
Awesome shot. Hope it wasn't photoshopped :) As for Julius G, wanting to shoot one, use the camera not a gun, animals are great subjects for pictures. You can learn a thing or two from Jody.

john hughes
Perfect.I almost thought that he (or she), was going to run across my desk.

Fantastic!!! My son and I howled with the look of sheer speed in this shot, Super Squirrel (yep, we know it is a chipmunk). Simply a fantastic photo!!!

Robert G.
This is a great capture Jody , but it looks like artifical BG , is it a composite since the background is not a natural settings ? could be a pet as well running on the living room carpet , I have wild chipmunks and squirrel running shots if we would like a look .Nice capture still but probley over rated if its a pet .

Alema Misilo
:) :) :) yeeessssssss, they are so fast...most of the time one can see only their tail. grat photo Jody! 7/7

Don Cromwell
What a shot Jody .Rgds

Aleksandar Sosic
Fantastic panning! :D

Brian Wallace
Way to keep up, Jody! That is one sharp photo.

Konstantin Yudintsev

now thata frisky little dude! lol

Jody Melanson
300 MPH Chipmunk Fast little buggers! Please view larger...

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