My secret place

by Cesnakevicius Ceslovas

my secret place seeking critique cesnakevicius ceslovas

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Published: Monday 9th of October 2006 04:55:20 PM


Jesus Ayala
Hello Ceslovas! Beautiful. Excellent Work. Regards.

Marco Giardini
7/7 and WOOOW! i wish i could get that starway and..... climb.....going down to the sky. Simply amazing for your fantasy, intuition, and idea. Great shot(s) Ceslovas. ;-) .oesse.

Baerbel Kavanaugh
Very creative and fun to explore. Love it! I too have a secret place in the clouds at times :)

Enri Mann
rally good, congratulations

Iryna Smolych
How I said on, your work is very beautiful! Ʈ祴譠

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Thank you all for your comments !

David Meyer
ceslovas Another great image amigo. Love the ladder. A very nice touch.

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Josephine, Marco, David thank you very much for your comments!

Keith Clemens
Wonderfully creative. Very well done.

Babis Babis
Great work. Congrats !

Rina H
Very original !!

Anita DeLafontaine
That is an awsome pic!

Mario Lopez
Good idea,nice composition!well done...

Sondra Kicklighter
Fantastic, well done.

Marta Eva LLamera
Love this secret! Regards.

Anja P.
What an impressive work and a great idea! Stunning!

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Dariusz, Anja thank you very much !

Mindaugas Dryza
sauniai cia padaryta! geras!

Dariusz Klimczak
Hi! I simply adore this kind of imagination. Now I have smile on my face. Thank You!

David Meyer
Marino The answer to your question is, an idiot. A moderator should catch that sort of idiot, and instead of taking his rating rights away, they should attach a little symbol to his name that shows just like the member symbol, or the frequent contributor symbol. Only this siymbol could be a dunce cap.

Marino Thorlacius
great! This is great !!! What kind of a person gives this a 3 in voting????

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Mindaugai, aciu ! Marino, David thank you for support !

Jan Rachwal
Great picture. Breathtaking portfolio! I love the way you use the light and mood in your images, you have very very talented eye. Good luck, I`ll be back for more.

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Thank you Jan !

Alex Skiba
Transerfing!!! it is transerfing

Jana Vanourkova
ARe You still there? cheers Jana

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful work

Helen Clement
Ceslovas. What a creative photograph. Very well done. I really like this. Cheers. Helen.

Mac Payne
My Secret Place I absolutely love this whole series. Your imagination is surreal (pun intended). Is this the Salvador Dali for photographers? Mac Payne

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
My secret place Critiques are welcome

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