by Duczynski Maciek

untitled seeking critique duczynski maciek

Gallery: Sweden

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Category: Landscape

Published: Tuesday 26th of September 2006 04:11:49 PM


John Mitchell
Terrific stitch job!

Mathew Rossi
Excellent! Very nicely done, I can relate to the challenges of panoramas, you must be very pleased with this one!

Nicholas Bryant
Thanks for the details, and EXCELLENT work! I really really have to try this hdr technique. Beautiful panorama.

Theo Jacobs
splendid colors & detail. Nice to have a (24 inch 1920x1200) monitor on which the large version fits ;-)

Lyle Carroll
You have captured everything perfectly. Your stitching technique is very effective. I have to pick my jaw up from the floor now. Incredible work.

Guillermo Lobera Temes

John Crowe
Beautiful Great work putting it together and a beautiful city.

Phil Ball
Amazing Beautifully put together. I like the fact the hdr is sudbtle which keeps the image real. Excellent reflections and clarity throughout. 7/7

Vic Runyan
A perfect HDR Amazing! A perfect panoramic merge and a natural HDR enhancement. The best night city shot I've ever seen. Would love to know the type of lens used and ISO.

Maciek Duczynski
Stockholm Stockholm, panorama stitched of 7 vertical photos, HDR from 3 exposures Large version only please

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