Great Gray Owl

by Melanson Jody

great gray owl canon ef mm fl usm eos d mark ii n melanson jody

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Category: Wildlife

Published: Monday 21st of August 2006 10:36:03 AM


Øyvind Ganesh Eknes
Very good! Congratulations.

Tomaso Nigris
Really a great picture,it's not easy to catch the right momement as you did. may be you can clean it with PS to be perfect. Bravo.

Helena Salazar
Impresionante imagen!!! Choca mucho verle así¡¡! Saludos ;)

Marko Airismeri
Perfect timing and light. Obviously you said, hands up you punk, before shooting;)

Ken Simm
A stunning wild life shot. Where did you take this? You can hear the silence. (Yes Great Grey Owls fly silently) Regards Ken.

Becky Brill
I am impressed. What a great shot. Becky

Rafik Kamel
Very nice capture, very symmetrical, i like it, seems that the owl is stuck in the snow, welldone, RK!

W J Gibson
such a wonderful photograph I know zip about owls, is this dive in the snow for a mouse?

Marco Velasco
great shot, I know how difficult it is to get to wildlife let alone take a great action shot like this. Great work.

Giangiorgio Crisponi
Jody, un momento fantastico, bravo , ciao Giangiorgio

Jim Hoffman
Excellent shot!I like also the bright yellow eyes. Cheers,Jim

Bolti Ankheen
10/10 what a great moment u have captured jody. i must say its life time achievement. Congratulations. Regards

Hector Brandan
Excellent Excellent capture Jody, congratulations,

Maurizio Romano
carpe diem stupenda. Bravo

Ross Madgwick
I think this ranks amongst the all time great wildlife shots. For WJ Gibson, I think he is definitely after a small mammal that is moving around in the vegetation under the blanket of snow. He locates these through the snow using his 'ears'. If you look very carefully at his head - the left hand side (as you look at it) is higher than the right where his ears are displaced relative to each other which helps the accuracy of locating the source noise. Barn Owls are similarly asymmetrical in the UK and also hunt, at night or in low light conditions, by sound. Just one of the details that makes this a great shot.

Arash Hazeghi
Amazing detail and color, looks as if the bird is coming out of water!

Steven O'Dea
Well.......... ........ I'm a birdwatcher & owls are probably my favourite bird. That aside, this is a beautiful picture that captures the moment of it swooping on it's prey.

Great shot .well done.

Jody Melanson
Great Gray Owl It's amazing how he looks angry just because his head is tilted forwards.

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