"Chicago Blues"

by Tsoi Wilson

chicago blues seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 4th of April 2006 01:46:00 AM


Daniella Puente
Totally diferent effect and view of the city, well done!

David Meyer
Very very nice. I do find myself wondering how this might have turned out if you had just moved in a bit more and to the left, while swinging the camera to the right. Might not have worked, but I was thinking that it would reduce the blah of the large monotounous area from lower left corner out to lights. Also would have made that object in foreground left a bit more interesting. Just speculating mind you. I still think it is a really excellent photo with good color, tonality and shapes.

Mike Burry
Awesome photo, I love it!!!

Marco Ruggiero
Beautiful composition and a great capture of a great city. Great image.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
What a slant, I feel like I'm going to fall right into one of those windows :) I can feel & hear my shoes skidding! Throw me a rope!!!! Nice one. I have to agree.......Brian, listen to Will.! Creativity oozing out of every pore! Doubt if this "Will" help. (Sorry for the play on words, couldn't resist :)

Richard Hans
Another excellent capture, terrific job for very interesting & unique effects, Wilson, love this gorgeous & impeccable evening shot!!! Best regards.

Montreal Quebec
Hi! Wilson Love the curves...gives a new dimension to city skyline abstract photography.

Best regards, Marc

Ken Beilman
Wilson, Another awesome result from your creative and expert use of the A620. Your reflection images are certainly something to behold and the Chicago trip yielded some great work.

Will King
Wilson, I think you might have the best imagination on photo.net. I don't give that much cred to originality because it seems like it's all been done before but you keep coming up with cool ideas. Great stuff! Brian Mottershead, if you're reading this, you should put Wilson's photos as the featured portfolio.

Kelvin Bernard
The muted violet background is just stunning! Very well composed and good exposure. Regards, Kelvin.

well seen and executed. jh

Cherlyn .
I seems to have entered a lopsided city. Well seen & composed.

John Seward
I'm with Will. Wake up 'Elves'.

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Excelente luz, color, composicion, perfecto encuadre, un cordial saludo Wilson.

Howard Dion
Wilson This one lonely little sign in this strange land of lights and curved buildings wants to escape the moving bubble to live in the land of straight buldings.

Jon Thornton
Who needs a fisheye lens when you have a fisheye subject?

Paula Grenside
OK, I was going to ask you whether this was shot with the fisheye lens. It was not, which makes the shot even more amazing.

Pnina Evental
Again a skewed world a la Wilson, and a la Wilson well done!... I'm glad at list one building is straight....lol

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I like this one just a tiny bit better than the more recent "Windy City". I think that it's the tiny bit of green that you see on the top of the one building in the reflection. It adds a certain amount of difference from the other colors in the image...

Wilson Tsoi
"Chicago Blues," Skyline Reflection on Cloud Gate at Night. Chicago skyline reflecting off Millennium Park's Cloud Gate sculpture at night with older buildings on Michigan Avenue in background. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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