...walking along...

by Plashevsky Vad

walking along kiev seeking critique plashevsky vad

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Published: Friday 20th of January 2006 10:31:12 AM


Pulok Pattanayak
Nice one! Result of patience? Regards...

Alon Eshel
This is an amazing shoot . EXCELLENT

Lawrence Ripsher
This is brilliant. Fantastic scene and excellent composition. My only suggestion would be to use a slightly more provocative title... Something which describes or suggests what's taking place here. Anyway, you still get a 6/6 from me!

Ernst Landgrebe
Wow. Super!

terrific shot!!

Vad Plashevsky
...thank's to all for your positive reports...

Vad Plashevsky
...thank you very much Seven, you're partially right...I'll take your remarks into account.

Seven Stuartson
Top class shot; was the lone walker under your direction?

From the thumbnail I sensed a loner in the foreground, however, the larger image gives me the feeling that she is walking towards the crowd, to join them.

As much as I like this image, I would change a couple of things : crop out the sky so the eyes don't try to flee the scene, and darken the midtones which have a digital grey feel to them.

Nice work; very well done.

Alban Shkupi
Speechless This is one damn good, fantastic work of art. Splendid. I am overwhelmed.

Lukas Hejtman
well done, great moment

Andrea R
simply, a timeless shot

Shuki Laufer
7/7 WOW!!!!!!!!!! perfect!

Yinka Obebe
yep it really is timeless,but a close look at the crowd gives away the fact that it was probably staged.think it would have come across stronger if we didn't get any clue to that.i rate this excellent.

Iren Nagy
Vad Great shot...staged or not! Congrats, Iren

Daniel Hristescu
Hello Vad . Very interesting composition .

Ann Dream
comment very nice!

Patrick Hudepohl
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky This image has been selected for discussion. It is not necessarily the "best" picture the Elves have seen this week, nor is it a contest. It is simply an image that the Elves found interesting and worthy of discussion. Discussion of photo.net policy, including the choice of Photograph of the Week should not take place here, but in the Site Feedback forum.

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So, when contributing to this thread, please keep the above in mind. Address the strengths, the shortcomings of the image. It's not good enough to like it, you should spend some time trying to put into words why that is the case. Equally so if you don't like it, or if you can't quite make up your mind.

Let's make sure this forum is a wonderful learning resource for future photographers!

Thank you and enjoy!

Michael Ging
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Vad, I really like the photo, the control of empty space, and the contrast between the many and the one.

Bill Tate
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky What, me first again? Great photograph. Thought provoking -- I want to know more about what is happening here. This is one of the most unusual presentations I have seen on POW. Is she coming upon a parade? Is she following one? I thought at first she must be on a bridge and therefore no parking, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I would crop the right edge off the photo to eliminate the shiny drain or manhole along the edge which keeps attracting my eye and distracting my full attention. I guess it could be burned in a little too. I note your portfolio contains several images of lonliness such as this, with one single lone person. I think it tells a lot about you as a photographer. Very nice work. I commend you and congratulations on being chosen. Willie the Cropper

M.M. Meehan
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Very impressive, excellent shot. I had a tendancy to agree with Seven, at first. We become accustumed to high contrast and colour saturation. Upon considering the photo a bit more, I think the grey tones in the background are good the way they are. We have the variations in the tones in the foreground and on the girl to make her 'pop' off the page and the background therefore becomes secondary, and fades to grey and out with the bit of sky. I say, keep the sky also. Perhaps the grey background to the photo adds to the overall grey feeling too. It might look different on a totally black background, or a white one.

Dexter Dee Dee
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Nice job, I like the tone and the whole photo is beautiful. DDD

Vad Plashevsky
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I would like to contribute a short story which conseals behind this picture, just to settle all doubts ). But first of all I want to thank all of you guys for your remarks and reports. This shot was made with my first digital camera Panasonic FZ20 during the festival in Kiev. This is the road which goes down the hill from the center of my hometown Kiev to the most ancient district of the city called Podol. The traffic is usually blocked during these kind of selebrations so that the crowd could walk free. Nevertheless there still were many people strolling up and down the road. But at that single moment luckily all of the sudden the road was clear. 5 shots just to catch the proper phase of the movement and afterwards - no chance. The road was overcrowded - people were coming from the end of show. There was even neither chance nor time to struggle with DOF. But all in all I'm happy to be the one to capture this shot. The girl on the picture is my whife, but used to be a girlfriend at that moment ) Once again thank you for your attention!

JH de Beer (RSA)
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I'm not always sure whether an explanation of what went on behind the scenes is a good thing or not. Sometimes the story can be even more intriguing than the image, other times the story takes away all that mystified us in the first place. The explanation by Vad did two things: first, it eliminated any further debate about who the girl is, what she is doing, thinking and experiencing, and where she is going. But, and secondly, something else happened. The loneliness crept in again, but from an unsuspected angle. And I realised: It must be lonely to be the eternal photographer?s wife, always sent ahead or left behind, for the artist to get the shot. I suppose this image can be dedicated to all the men and women out there who live with and share the lives of people who make photos. JH

Ed Swinden
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Very nice. The solitary figure is in just the right place and the body is in just the right phase of movement to convey the 'story' and appear elegant as well. There is just enough contrast, and the perspective is right. I'd like to imagine this was a glimpse of 'real life' and wasn't posed (I know this is a contentious issue!), but either way it's excellent. Congrats. and best wishes.

Georgios Chaziris
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky First thing that strikes me is the slim frame that matches well with the slim figure of the model. In my eyes her long figure seems to dominate the photograph. And the more fragile she looks the more dramatic the result when you put her "against" the crowd. I really like this photograph

Michael Ferron
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Nice job. This reminds of a work day morning when we are about to lose our solitude and do battle with the crazy world. Congrats on your POTW.

Marc G.
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky "Darken the midtones which have a digital grey feel to them", suggested Seven Stuartson... Well, I ahree with him, definately. To "sky-crop" or not to "sky-crop", that seems to be the other question... Well, I find J. Henry's "claustrophobic" crop interesting, and I'm also fine with the composition as it was - provided this area would be burned, MODERATELY burned. Overall, it works well for me and is well taken. It's an interesting image/ Perhaps not one that I'd want to look at for many years, and it doesn't have a very profound meaning attached to it, but certainly a fine photo. PS: J. De Beer, thanks for the good laugh. I think you actually hit the nail on the head for me, since you just showed how this image could in fact serve as an explanation for my own divorce...:-)

Albert Z
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky the paradox lies within the title-photograph relationship. Walking along... towards a crowd seemingly coming straight at you. Concept's not bad at all. i like it. And your wife has some nice legs :) I'd go for more contrast, definitely, but that's just my humble opinion. Congrats on the POW VAD! Alber Z.

Sam M-M
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I'll confess that the mid-tones look about right to me as they are - I'd worry about losing the contrast with the tiny bits of true black here and there if they were darkened. I would have to see it done to see if it worked. I'll confess that bit of sky bothers me a bit, but I'm not sure what to do with it. My eye does try to fly up there, taking attention away from the woman, the crowd and the architecture.

Phineas Tarbolde
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I agree with previous comments. I think the sky is too bright and thus too distracting and feels uncomfortable to the viewer (like it actually does when one looks up at a bright sky). I think cropping out the sky "tones" down the overall feel and is more in keeping with the feel of the scene i.e. gentle curve of the road, the isolation of the girl, the calm way in which the girl is walk etc.)

Rodrigo Lenz
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Did you know about this crowd or you had the goog luck to see it ? This shot was very good at the right time and place ! congractulations

Robert Holmes
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky SOVIET GREY This is a 2005 photo shot with 1955 color. Why not show the buildings and the woman's clothes in glorious 21st century color? The shapes are good, but the life is missing.

Novus G.D.
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Because good photo is a creative approach, not an information. Good photo is an energetic composition, not a pathetic record of reality. Color is a very strong information and usually offers an easy and impressive effect, an easy "wow". The value of a good photo is in the poetry of it's containment and not in the exact infrmation. It's very difficult for color to be transmuted from a simple impressive information to an affecting containment. I would say more about this subject but my poor english don't help, I apologize for this. This photo has all the elements to be a very good photo, sumject, creative composition, high aesthetics. It' s non a simple documentary photo, it's an artistic b&w photo.

David Malcolmson
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky A breath of real life. A remarkable image. I agree with the others that the tonal range lacks zip. Congratulations on your well-earned POW, Vlad.

Vad Plashevsky
to Robert Holmes You really believe that something essential is missing when you look at b/w photo? Sometimes color behaves distracting. And what was that "soviet grey" parallel all about? You made me laugh, indeed )

James Doyle
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky This photo is well done in that it leaves you asking yourself a mutitude of questions. The main being, why is she all by herself? The lines of the road act nicely to bring you from the lone girl in the foregroud to the crowd.

Matt Vardy
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky It feels awkwardly framed to me. I would prefer to see the photographer's perspective from dead center in the road, as opposed to slightly right from the middle as shown above. I imagine it being a stronger image with the downtown corridor dead center, with more symmetry, and the road line coming from bottom corner - curving, and then leading directly/straight upwards. A very nice 'grab' nonetheless though. Congrats.

Matt Vardy
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky By 'dead center' I mean perfectly 'in-line' with the downtown background.

M.M. Meehan
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I think the blank or 'dead' (there's that word again) space between the lady and the crowd far in the background helps to seperate her from the background. I think the curve in the line of the road adds to this seperation. This division is an integral part of the composition and is what makes it really work for me.

Robert Holmes
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky VAD, I travelled in the Soviet Union over thirty years ago. The skies were grey, the buildings were grey, the food was grey, the clothing was grey, and life was grey and grim for most people. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Thank God the Soviets have gone. So why use their favorite "color"? So-called Black and White photos are many different shades of grey; they contain very little black and very little white. I would ask you to Google 'Prokudin-Gorski', who was taking magnificent color photos of the Russian Empire almost one hundred years ago. They would be quite dull in grey tones. Your photo of Kiev is a very good capture of a brief moment in time. Do you have a color copy, or did you shoot in B/W mode? Sent with my best wishes.

Anders Hingel
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky In my eyes this photo works perfectly in black and white. Playing on the grey tones of the far end of the street and the darker tones of the woman. I also like the composition with the double white lines leading to the background from the left side of the frame. This photo is an eye catcher. Very well done. Congratulation with the POW.

Jan Rachwal
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Hej Vlad, I like this photograph a lot. Specially the way you used the empty space. Thank you. Great shot 7/7

Roland Lacson
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Fantastic street capture, like the isolation of the woman in the foreground amid the crowd in the distance. Wish the inscription on the lower right were on the border instead but that's just my opinion & a little more contrast for punch otherwise a superb capture.

Debbie T
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I think she looks very lonely, like she wants to get involved in the life of the city, but she isn't. I like it, and I like the b/w. Debbie

Al Li
The Best Photo of the Week since I had joined Photo.net. Well produced and executed.

Steven McQueen
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Am I the only one that feels the composition is off balance? Think that sky should be cropped also, it doesnt do anything for it.

Bill Tate
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Steven, I think others have indicated that they did not like the top of the picture, although not because of coompositional problems, but rather that it was washed out. I personally do like the compostion very much. the tall, tall lady looks good against a taller than broader photograph. At least I do in this particular photograph. I think the sky is washed out because of the fog or haze in the distance. This might have been taken in a seaside town and the morning fog is just receeding. Although the sky is washed out looking, without showing the upper edges of the photograph, one would not quite get the feeling of distance that the haze makes. You will note that there is haze halfway into the photograph obscuring less and less as it approaches the viewer and is totally gone midway up the street. Willie the Cropper

James P. Jones
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I think I agree with the camp that is in favor of cropping out more of the top. I like this shot for many reasons; the composition, the model, the mob - but perhaps what I find most interesting is that I wasn't sure where it was shot. It never ceases to amaze me how similar western nations (and developed nations in general) can look very similar at a glance. Nice photo; *good job at taking advantage of a brief opportunity.

Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Vad-I really liked this photograph back in January and I still do; congratulations on it being a photo of the week! regards, cb :-)

Ken Thalheimer
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Love the vantage point & composition. Sort of makes you wonder what she's walking into leaving her solitude behind

Cosmin Caluser
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky May I congratulate you for the fine art you have put in this image. It is full of grace, peacefull and somehow seductive. Excelent, brilliant job. Thank you

Mau Pretorius
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Vad, what a great photo! I think the real purpose of good art is to make you think, which is exactly what this photo is doing. It evokes so many responses... almost like a psychology test that acts as a projective technique (e.g. Rorschach..those butterfly ink blots) You can project your own meaning, emotions etc into this photo and it leaves room for so many interpretations. To me this is about the contrasts, one facing many, serenity vs chaos, black and white, female energy vs male energy, Ying and Yang, so well captured in black and white and in the composition of the emty spaces and the single figure in the foreground vs the detail and crowd in the background. Even a seductive tone to the way the figure of the woman is moving towards the crowd - one of anticipation, wanting to join up, become part of etc.. WOW! It "works" with my thinking processes and thereore qualifies as real art.

Steven McQueen
Response to ...Bill Sorry for any misinterpetation, Bill. I wasn't refering to the sky causing it to be off balance. To myself everything is leaning, or more accurately leading you toward the top left buildings. If you concider it balanced perhaps you can explain

Steven McQueen
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Personally I think if that gal was much farther right it would have balanced out nicely. ( maybe closer too )

Adelya T Tsodikov
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I like the contrast between lonely figure and busy city.

April Cunningham
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I love this photo. I cannot speak on the technical side of things but I do know what works aesthetically for me. :) I like the bit of sky in the background. It feels to me like she is coming from somewhere, a traveler, and is about to move through this new situation. Will she be welcomed? There's a feeling as space moves from being open at the top of the street to being closed in as the buildings rise up and the way narrows that is somewhat oppressive. This is accentuated by the building blocking the street at the end. There is a cessation of movement. The bit of sky is a promise of there being life and space beyond this street, beyond this encounter. Great stuff!

Phil Indeblanc
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I like the balance of open space vs congestion. Very nice image....maybe if there was less foreground, and a little more touch of skyline? not sure. I like this very much. Good work!

kenneth watson
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky I have looked at this shot so many times and each time I see something new, all I can say it's pure class and timeless. I only wish I could have taken this shot

HuHu Lin
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky It's very dramatically!! Like someone else,I look this picture so many times. I should say every time when I enter into POW forum,I must see this shot!I try to study how you made this happen.It's jsut incredible except you are the director of movie,then you could put some actors into this scene....wow, just like a 70's style movie scene!!

Vad Plashevsky
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky To Hu Hu Lin Thank you. I was just lucky to be in the right time in the right place.

Justin Setchell
Response to ...walking along... by Vad Plashevsky Great photo! It speaks volumes! Maybe fix the midtone in it though, there is a lot of grey in it. But fantastic composition. Powerful shot, well done.

Vad Plashevsky
...walking along... ...critique is very welcomed...

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