"A Winter Night in Füssen"

by Tsoi Wilson

a winter night in fssen seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 26th of December 2005 06:06:31 PM


Kim Slonaker
For me it works having my eyes follow the bridge, then immediately they are drawn to the buildings as a finale. Nice tones and detail.

Howard Dion
I like the composition and the lighting under the bridge. Well done.

Tonio Lombardi
Good job NIce composition and frame. The contrast between the building and the night sky is impressive!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This looks like a relatively new castle. Interesting. I like it ... but am not completely jazzed by the subject. I think that you did a great job with the exposure. I love the blues in the sky. I like that the bridge leads the eye into the image. But ... I think that the bridge might be a little bit too prominent, and the way the light posts "glow", there are a few too many of them, and it gets just a bit distracting.

John Seward
Excellent shot Wils. Wish that center light pole hadn't been there, though.

Gaetan Chevalier
What a nice composition and a beautiful night shot. The perspective is superb. Je vous souhaite a vous ainsi qu'a vos proches de joyeuses fetes. Que l'annee 2006 puisse apporter la realisation de vos desirs les plus chers.

Colin Carron
Well to add my way of seeing this to the others :-) I see the buildings first (great exposure and detail) then my eye travels down the bridge to bottom left corner (snowy!) then back to the buildings. So for me the bridge helps draw the eye round the image and also adds the cold, snowy feeling.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson Clean & sharp .........

Henri Manguy
I am happy that you have finished with those football players that I see on your page since several months (don't have a gruge against me, I don't like very much football). This is a superb photo with magnificent night colours. I like the bridge white of snow which contrasts with the ochre of the buildings. Happy New year to you.

Ken Beilman
Wonderful composition and execution, Wils. Love the lines and shadow detail in this one. I read the thread about the untimely passing of your A80. What don't you like about the SD cards vs. CF cards?

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Liquid immersion? :0 Oh my! So officially "it drowned?" May I ask, accidental drowning, suicide, murder or just plain mystery? Scene of the crime? This is a spectacular image. The composition is absolutely inviting. The snow covered bridge leading me right over the wonderfully smooth water. I love the teal green color of the water (might I add, one of my favorite colors). The buildings perfectly lit, framed in that dark blue sky. This is a wonderful tribute to your dearly departed A80. May it rest in peace!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, TONIO: Appreciate your comment. BEN: Thanks for your input. Some sees the bridge as way into the shot, and some sees as the way out. KIM: Thanks for your feedback. GAETAN: Thanks, and happy holidays to you, too! COLIN: Thanks for your input. I guess it both takes you in and out of the image for some! HOWARD: Thanks, Howard. CHiPs: Appreciate it. HENRI: Glad you like this. However, I'm not entirely done with sports, yet. I just happen to like shooting sports a bunch, so there will be more. I'll make sure to mix some different things in the uploads though since you're not the only one with the same sentiment. ^_^ KEN: Thanks, Ken. Glad you like it. If I have a choice, I'd rather stick with CF cards since I already have a few and they are compatible with other bodies that I'm currently using. Looks like if I'm going the A620 route, I'll have to pick up a new SD card. JOHN: Thanks, John. Me too. LOU ANN: It used to be summer residence of prince bishops of Augsburg, so it's definitely not new, but rather really well preserved. River Lech runs below the bridge. Thanks for your input. Wilson ^_^

Jon Thornton
Another fine architectural shot Wilson. Great colour as per usual.

Wilson Tsoi
JAYME: Yes, liquid immersion. It is of an accidental kind which took place at approximately 11:15am PST in the municipality of Kenmore, county of King, state of Washington. The A80 will nevertheless rest in peace (sob, sob.) BTW if you like teal, you'll probably like the Mariners. ^_^ JON: Thanks for your kind words and visit! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Winter Night in Füssen," A Bridge to Hohes Schloss. The bridge takes one across the river to F�ssen with its High Castle in the background. Feedback is welcome.

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