by Simon Janosch

fragile seeking critique simon janosch

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 10th of June 2005 09:33:00 AM


David Jen
This is perfect. Well done.

Al Li
A very nice portrait.

Eduard K
Nice skin tones

Nick Pouliasis
6/6 a little bit too soft for my tastes but still really good...

Greg Goldstein
Funny round reflection of your light source in her eyes. She is a beautiful girl and a very nice image.

she looks fragile,,

very pretty woman.

Stefan Beutler
fantastic use of light. great stuff. congrats

chloe *
she really does look fragile but it is simply beauty and innocence..... great bw portrait!! greetings chloe

Conte Oliver
very nice! ciao

Robert Farnham
Beautiful photo of a very beautiful woman. Nice job.

Dave Gardner
Excellent!....stops me in my tracks!!! All elements right on. Dave

Steve Ward
sw wow!

Aliosha Romero
Would be more appropiate among the Portraits but it still is a very well composed image with a wonderful lihting!

John R. Coiner, Jr.
Wonderful tonality and composition

Tan Jian Xiong
wonderful lighting and a great expression on ur beautiful model's face..

Bravo 10/10 Beautiful and impressive portrait.Congrat...

Tiina Haasma
very impressive ! 7/7

parvin dabas
simply beautiful

Amar Khoday
This is striking portrait. I would have liked a little more hand on the bottom left of the image. That said lighting, posing, expression, toning are right on. The most powerful for me are the eyes.

Brooks Gelfand
What a great portrait! Very good lighting, pose, and composition. And those eyes...

George Chew
Perfect I love everything about this photo. You start of with a beautiful lady, an elegance pose, great lighting and capture the tonality of the skin very well. Great job.

Robert Herz
Flash Perfect picture - beside one detail: The "ring flash" is visible in the eyes. A little job in PS (or similar).

Katya Lin

Rolando Boldt
Great eyes!! I wouldn't take the pic to Photoshop as was suggested. For me, the flash in her eyes enhances the picture. 7/7

Ladislas de Toldi
Love her eyes !

Gitte Juul Jensen
very nice picture. I especially like the fragile look. Very nice... Gitte o)))

Illat Jerome
so sweet, so nice

Paulo Pampolin
Simply fantastic! I�ve seen many portraits where photographers create different lights, angles, productions. I showed us beauty on simplicity! Fantasticly fragile

John Zyrlis
Superb in ALL aspects!

Kaushik Chatterjee
Nice portrait. Not fit for this category.

Michael Erard
I just love it, lighting and contrast are perfect.

David Shelby

Mohsen Nafar
Excellent portrait. good lighting, nice pose.

Clive Mealey

hamed sp
DearJanosch Excellent portrait. her looking talk with you and say everything....it composed and exposed well by nice pose , good tone and contrast....well done Best Regards HSP

Steve Sevier
Just Perfect!

Thanks for posting!

Janosch Simon
"Fragile" best regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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