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Published: Friday 5th of February 2016 07:19:07 PM


Jack McRitchie
There's a wonderful feeling of allure, mystery and the unknown in this shot. A muddy path snakes through the trees and into the foggy distance. Such a sense of the solitary, you can almost hear the silence.

Pierre Dumas
Great depth and perspective on this composition!

Achieved with the help of the mist!


Best regards



Herman Roes

I love the richness of a black and white image (watch who is writing this). It offers more than color for these images. Nice to see how the road takes the eye into the haze. The distant mirror of the puddle alongside the road adds very well to this image.

Best regards, Herman


David Wisse

Congrats on a fine natural image.


Best, David

Wolfgang Arnold

Many thanks for all your encouraging comments - I highly appreciate that you took the time to view and comment - and it's great to see that my ideas with this little series worked out.

Just to play back few aspects: for subjects like these I prefer black and white - it adds a bit of abstraction and colour would have distracted more that added to the "image".

While I didn't arrange the other photos in chronological order, this was one of the first photos on my walk - and I connect this with the anticipation of "mysteries" lying ahead on this path.

While most aspects you mentioned were somehow in my conscious concept, I was a bit worried (like an uncouscious 'fear') that while trying to arrive at aesthetically pleasing photos, I'd end up at too idealized images - so, many thanks to Ricardo for recognizing this!

Robert Melone

Excellent use of light, lines and shapes to draw the eye into this intriguing image Wolfgang!

Holger Stelljes

Hello Wolfgang, It seems a simple image but I find it very effective mostly for the reasons stated above....mysterious, a little moody and with a good perspective as to seeing into the distance and wondering where the road leads to.... like life a little.

Best Regards, Holger

Not Here

I'll add my small comment to the more eloquent remarks above.  I love the mystery and allure of this path that takes us deep into the image and out the back, leading our imagination into what may surprise us beyond.  My favorite of this series, but they're all excellent... Mike

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

A most alluring photograph, it beckons with a mixture of anticipation, excitement and foreboding.  One of those journey's where you just can't wait to see what is around the next corner! 

Very well conveyed! 



Ricardo GirĂ£o

Wolfgang, the whole series is fantastic and somehow terrifying. There's this sense of nature at its roughest state... nothing to make it beautiful, nothing to make it too impressive... it's like an invitation (or even an order) to look at it as it is and accept it.



Wolfgang Arnold
Entering the quagmire This is starting point for a photographic journey through a wetland area - so, put on some waterproof boots on and take the tour through the photos following in the same folder :-)

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