by Arnold Wolfgang

untitled industrial three shadow corrugated trees architect arnold wolfgang

Gallery: Light & Shadow - Set III: Trees

Tags: industrial three shadow corrugated trees architecture metal seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

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Published: Saturday 23rd of May 2015 05:56:45 PM


Jack McRitchie
Superb shot, Wolfgang. I especially like how the bare branches of the trees reach beyond the top of the wall and in the process leave their own truncated shadows behind. The sunlight filters through thinly and perfectly captures the bright coolness of a winter's day. This is very much your style of picture, sparse yet full of intriguing detail and personal insight, beautifully seen and artfully produced..

Wolfgang Arnold

Jack: many thanks for your insightful comment - I highly appreciate your thoughts.

Alf: yes, I also thought about cropping much tighter - but then the two signs would almost touch the edges and develop a bit too strong pull outside (to my taste at least). But still: many thanks for challenging!

Timo: obviously, these trees in industrial areas feel a bit neglected, so they a bit stubborn in their disobediance :-)

Timo Hartikainen

I like it. When I saw it, I thought: "the trees completely ignore those traffic signs here, which says no stopping/parking in this area".

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

I really like the interplay of the tree shadows and the horizontal lines of the building.  The two blue signs either end of the building add to the symmetry and I wonder if the image was cropped to include just the building how it might look? 

Compliments & Best Regards 



Wolfgang Arnold
trees... and shadows.

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