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Published: Friday 9th of January 2015 07:29:39 PM


Wolfgang Arnold
Mike, Jack, Harry, Pierre,

many thanks for your comments and thoughts.

@Jack: I highly appreciate your judgement - special thanks!

@Mike: thanks for reminding me of the black&white option - I didn't consider it (so far), because I liked the colours of the bike in foreground too much. While I like the idea, I'd try to play a bit with the tonality to achieve similar "dialogue" between foreground bike and background shopwindow. You have a point with the "magnetic blue" - there is a risk that it pulls too much attention (depending also a bit on the screen used - this is a drawback of the internet: you don't have full control of how the colours and tones are displayed).

cheers, Wolfgang

Harry Joseph

I like this one because of the intrigue. This shot woke me up because of the uniqueness.  

Wolfgang Arnold

many thanks for all your comments and for your thoughts concerning the colours here. In fact, after a couple of months letting this "mature" (I 'created' this photo beginning of January), I still like the colour version more.

Trisha Jean-Angela

Great shot and interesting! I like both color and b/w versions but both have their own moods. I really like the bright blue of the bike which draws me to the light blue on the awning and the deep blue of the pants on the person walking. I also like how the golden tones of light in the window is repeated in the bike. I like the relationship of the light and color and the motion and still. The b/w version is really good too because this is a great photo that can work both ways but it's that light and the blue that stopped my in my tracks! Very well done! Thank you for sharing. :)

Not Here

An eye catching photo, composition and scene.  While excellent as is, I wanted to see what it would look like in b/w in order to minimize the magnetic blue of the bicycle.  I don't consider my offer any better, just a different approach.  Being a visual person I've attached my suggestion.  Regardless, well done... Mike


Edit:  After posting I'm not so sure.  The b/w doesn't have the same "life".  But I'll leave this for your consideration.

Pierre Dumas
Very interesting and good looking photo!

Both, color and B&W! Congratulations!


Best regards



Jack McRitchie
A bizarre dialogue between a bicycle and a pair of alien looking mannequins. The passersby seem to belong to another dimension or another scale of time and pass by unaware like ephemeral ghosts.This is really a compelling picture, Wolfgang. Mikes b&w alteration works pretty well also.

Wolfgang Arnold
Spent a great afternoon... ...in a workshop with Joel Meyerowitz. Not surprisingly most of the photos I created during our assignment went to the trash bin - this is one of the very few photos that are halfway presentable.

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